5 Tips To Improve Golf Swing Tempo In 2022

Golf is all about form and performance, and that doesn’t come single-handedly. Many steps need to be mastered to become a pro golfer. Golf swing tempo is one of the crucial steps among them all. It eventually decides how your form is going to be in your final game.

Being a researcher in this field and after collecting and considering all the gathered information, we have seen that many players possess such strong fundamentals with impressive practice habits. Still, some of them do struggle in correcting their tempo.

After everything we have witnessed, it is clear that exploring the right tempo requires a tremendous amount of practice, dedication, and commitment to the game. So, we have concluded some of the steps you can include in your approach to make your tempo stable and perfect.

Here is our guide consisting of all the important and major things about the golf swing tempo.

What Is Swing Tempo?

Before moving further ahead and talking about the steps, some of you must wonder who is new to this game and what a swing tempo is? So let us give you the answer to this.

The time you take to swing the club from your setup position to follow through is the golf swing tempo.

If you want your golf swing tempo to be proper, you need to make it a little slower on the backswing and a bit faster on the downswing.

Professional players or experienced players who possess a great rhythm and balance while hitting the shots tend to have great tempos.

However, the amateur ones will always swing a bit jerky and unbalanced swing.

Many golfers have developed a specific tempo with which they are comfortable and acquainted well enough that it seems and comes naturally to them. Therefore they stick with that tempo only with the same speed.

What Is The Proper Swing Tempo?

You can not define a proper golf swing tempo with just a number. But you can take help from an acceptable ratio while talking about the highest level of success of the swing tempo in the golf swing.

So, according to the ratio, it’s going to take you almost three times as long to swing the club back as it does to swing the club down.

You can understand this through an example: if a player is starting to count, he’ll be able to count till three while backswing, whereas from the top of the backswing down to the ball, they should only be able to count to one.

It’s not an actual estimation, but it’s been given to provide a rough idea of how a proper swing tempo should be. It has helped many golfers so far.

Trying to get a proper swing tempo! let us help you

golf swing tempo guide

Well, for a proper golf swing tempo, there are no shortcuts but dedication and loads and loads of practice. Still, there can be some great tips through which you’ll be able to enhance your form and overall performance. We have mentioned some of those tips for you people.

Relax At Setup

Being the most played game by many people, it can become quite hectic sometimes. Due to which people get tense and seldom rigid before swinging the club back. It is not much of a big deal. It is very common.

No one wants to stay behind; almost every other player wants to hit a perfect shot, which gradually increases the level of pressure upon them and serves as the base for the tension build-up throughout your swing, because of which players often hit the swigs too fast.

However, when you hit the club too fast, it is highly expected that your swing will follow the wrong plane, along with an incorrect clubface position. And, all of this can happen just because of taking too much stress and pressure when you set up to hit the ball.


  • Take a deep breath before you address the ball.
  • Keep your body moving and limber so you don’t stiffen up.
  • Before you swing the club, make sure your body is limber and ready to turn.


Check Your Grip

While swinging the club, there is only one contact with our hands with clubs: the grip. So, if your grip is not perfect, your swing and posture will be affected a lot.

Therefore, players struggling for a perfect tempo have ridiculously major issues with the grip pressure.

With a tighter grip pressure, you will swing the club faster and will result in a jerky and unbalanced shot.

golf swing tempo grip

That’s why a loosened grip is more feasible for your swing to be more fluid and increase the swing speed.

Tip: Make sure that your grip on the club is not too tight. If you need to take your hands off and put them back on, that is acceptable.

So, always make sure that your golf grips have lots of grip remaining in them; it will give you the confidence that even if you loosen your hands a bit, your club won’t slip away from its position and stay in place.


Low And Slow On The Way Back

We have seen many players out in the field and what we have learned from them is low and slow on the backswing. It also interprets that a good omen will follow when you keep the club a little softer and take it back slower.

This slow and low concept isn’t good for golf tempo but also for making sure your golf swing plan is correct.

As we have already discussed the golf swing ratio above, the backswing is slower than the downswing.

So you can say that when you’re able to count to three during your backswing and count to one on the downswing, your tempo is going to improve a lot; you just need to slow down your take away and the entire backswing just a little.

Tip- Try making your backswing a little slower. Golfers with a slower backswing will not lose distance, but they may gain a good amount of control.


Pause At The Top

Not everybody but most of the players often wonders what a transition is? So, the answer is simply that when the

backswing turns into the downswing. It is called transition.

Players get confused about this part of the golf swing because of its tricky nature as it happens so fast. This seems to be a difficult spot of golf to have a mental swing thought for.

You can help yourself improve your tempo by taking a slight pause when you are at the top of your swing. Almost no one feels that pause, but there is a delay during the transitions from going up to heading back down.

So, according to numerous golfer’s, this slight pause has helped them improve their tempo, not just by hitting the shots a bit longer but also controlling the ball a little bit faster.

It is quite a simple fact that is not so difficult to understand and implement while playing. This pause assures you that your backswing will be completed entirely before rushing down to hit the ball.

Tip – Feel a slight pause at the top. It does not need to be exaggerated, and it is more of a feeling than an actual pause. The break helps golfers feel the transition in the golf swing.

Focus On The Finish

As we have talked earlier about the golf swing ratio, it can come quite handy for you while trying to hit shots. However, you also need to remember that the downswing also includes a follow-through.

If you want to improve your tempo, you must remember and practice so that a good golf tempo always starts at setup and finishes at follow-through. You are supposed to keep the fact in mind that a beat doesn’t end at impact.

While counting the numbers 1, 2, 3 during the backswing, make sure that downswing has to be considered, and the ball has to get through, not just stop at the impact.

When we talk about the tempo to you people, you need to make sure that your focus should be on the finish of your swing and making sure that you complete each shot.

Tip – Don’t forget to finish! Golfers with great tempo and balance always have a strong and complete follow-through. A great beat does not mean that you will stop at impact with as much power as you have.

Swing Tempo Drills

Now we have given you some awesome tips to improve your golf tempo, let’s the go-ahead to the driving range and start making some drills.

These golf drills are halfway responsible for making you learn and practice new concepts much easier and faster, but of course, with practice only.

Let’s talk about some of those swing tempo drills which will help you get the concept of a perfect tempo down.


Short Game Metronome

If you are a musician or have any interest in music, you must have heard about the metronome. It is an instrument that decides the success of your music. You can also say that it is a secret key behind your short game.

Many golfers, regardless of being a professional or amateur, practice chipping and putting using a metronome.

This will help you feel the steady beat and let you hear how the swing ratio works.

As per our recommendation, just put a metronome on and let it play while practicing. Only after practice will you get the idea of how it should be set and what are beats will help you in your putting and chipping strokes the most.

Swoosh Drill

This is the best drill for improving your tempo, and it also gives additional strength to the golfer. You can choose any iron in your bag if you are practicing this drill.

There is no need to grip the club near its butt end in this drill, but you can grab its club head. This swoosh drill isn’t going to help you in hitting the golf balls.

After gripping the club from the top, you can start hitting the shots and taking swings. Just make sure that your group is off the ground while making swings. Then you will get to notice the swoosh sound made by the club you have gripped.

With an extra resistance, you will be able to feel the club a little more, eventually making your tempo and swing more balanced.


We strongly hope that our guide for improving your golf tempo was helpful for you all and your companions and helps you in some ways. However, we also suggest that sometimes there can be more concrete concepts you can focus on first, like grip, stance, and posture, as they are much easier to work on than those of the feel and plane abstracts.

So next time when you practice your tempo, you can use our drills and tips; you will surely notice a tremendous change in the ball’s plane and speed.


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