Golf Club Distances – How Far Can You Hit Your Clubs?

Golf can be a bit of a tactical-based game. A golfer needs to determine and fix at what distance they will be hitting their clubs. In addition, different golfers prefer and play at different distances depending upon their swing speed and ability to play. Therefore, they must have a basic idea of where the shots … Read more

How many golf clubs are allowed in a golf bag?

Golf is an exciting and classy sport. It can be fun yet intellectual all at the same time. There are several facts about this game that anyone should know before going all head over heels for it.  Although you can play with any number of clubs you want to, if you exceed it from 14, … Read more

Inside Out Golf Swing – How To Hit The Ball From The Inside

After conducting our research for a few years, we have found that most golf players want to hit an inside-out golf swing, but only a few get the concept and can execute it. You can assume that maybe this is because of their negligence about the concept of inside-out swing. Because if you want to … Read more