Best 3 Woods In The Market – 2021 Review

It’s 2021, many manufactures made the woods it is highly demanded and still there is a challenge to get the best 3 woods. We ordered the best 3 woods of 2021, a good option for high or mid handicappers also.

These are the best option for woods and you will get everything which you want with your woods from the grass to the tee.

If you are in hurry then you can take any from our list and if not you can read our review to know more.

Are you in hurry? Then have a look at these products:-

List Of Best 3 Woods In 2021:-

1- Best 3 Wood For A Low Handicapper: TaylorMade SIM 

When we summarise the list of the best 3 wood then this Tylor made SIM was our priority and stood first in our list. And also made some of the best 3 wood that makes possible for the players.

These new SIM woods is new designed V steel sole. The V steel has set to the center of gravity to be low on 3 wood. The combination is used very well led to much better interaction. Low or medium handicap players who want to hit shots on grass and tee will also be happy with this technology.

The price is much higher than the normal SIM MAX model, is more versatile. The SIM has a 2-degree loft that allows changing your wood to get the best launch you need. The look is cool and gives a decent look to the shaft.

The face is made up of ZaTech Titanium Face that helps to hit incredibly and only available with the MAD. Best for the low handicap players with a lot of forgiveness.

  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Higher priced option
  • Carbo crown, clean top-down look
  • V Steel Sole
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Premium Shaft offerings
  • Titanium face

aylorMade-SIM-3-Wood- BEST 3 WOODS


2- Best 3 Wood For A Mid Handicapper: Callaway Mavrik 

Callaway Mavrik is the best to replace your just last year. Available in the 3 models the Maverik, MAVERIK Max, and  Mavrik Sub Zero. For the mid or high handicapper, this is the best option for them in 3 wood option.

In previous times this has introduced a lot of things like flash face tech, jailbreak tech, 360 faces up, and using AI to adjust the center of gravity to the center of the face. They put the many other technologies in one for the best performance and put it all inside the head.

If a 3 wood is earning a spot in a middle handicapper bag, and reliable for the tee and short grass as well. Best for the fast and slow swing speed that offers graphite shaft wood. We love the adjustability and feel like best for the players.

The face bt highly adjustable and maybe this is the thing that can disappoint someone. The center of gravity and a perfect combination with the shaft made by the graphite.

  • Price is good.
  • Long and forgiving.
  • Flash technology.
  • Center of gravity.
  • Best for all swing.
  • Can be a better option for handicapper.



3- Best 3 Wood For A High Handicapper: Cobra Airspeed 

This F Max series of the fairway is known for some of the most forgiving woods present in the market and mostly preferred by the high handicappers. This also provides help to the players who need the square face angle of impact. Every year this brand does something to enhance the technology and be at a forgiving place.

This is one of the lightest models. Comes with a 16 degree of loft which is more than enough. The cost is a little high but its performance will tell you the exact price which is much higher than its original.

The center of gravity is fixed to the head of the face, and the best 3 wood for beginners and medium to high handicapper.

Just like the other F Max models this also offered you a lot of options. If this is in your bag, you don’t need to afraid that what you need to help yourself with a fac angle of impact.

  • Branded Fairway.
  • Great price.
  • Offset design.
  • Weight is low.
  • Best for beginners and seniors.


When choosing our best 3 wood options for you, we ran into quite a few runner ups that should also be mentioned.

Although these 3 wood choices did not make the top 3, they are still going to be one of the better options for new clubs to add to your bag this year.

4- Cobra Speedzone 

The Cobra Speedzone comes in three different models. There are many other models you can get whatever you want. Some moveable weight is also there to help for the particular players, the feature which we love the most is its adjustable face. Last few years this is the best option for the lightest shaft ever made. This club will undoubtedly perform, and you can watch your results with the Cobra connect technology.

The best choice for a new 3 wood in your bag.

  • All 3 models are available.
  • The loft is adjustable.
  • Cobra connects technology.
  • Classical models are available.
  • 500+ cc are available.



5- Cleveland Launcher Turbo 

There is much reason due to which this makes a place in our column but its simple and unique design is the first thing we consider. The classical and senior players need this feature to be their priority and player who look for the 3 wood. Each year Cleveland launches a model that is always long and forgiving without costing a fortune. This year with the Launcher Turbo, they did a great job on distance. In the years past, their 3 wood capabilities were not quite as long as other brands, but this year, they caught up.

  • All 3 models are available.
  • The loft is adjustable.
  • Cobra connects technology.
  • Classical models are available.
  • 500+ cc are available.



6- TaylorMade M6 

When this new tech comes into the market, the other model gets diminished automatically. The M6 was a fantastic 3 wood option and the only reason not to hold it in the bag is its space-taking property.

With speed pocket technology and acoustic tuning, this 3 wood had a great feel, launch, and playability. The best thing is its price is a little down so if you want 3 wood then this is the time to get one for you.

The only issue that players described with the M6 was the turf interaction not being as clean as possible; this has been approved upon with the new SIM model.

  • Available in bias and standard.
  • New technology and long shaft.
  • Now in discount.
  • Twist face technology.
  • Forgiving.



Buyer’s Guide For Best 3 Wood

The best 3 wood will come packed with forgiveness. The lower loft on the club helps to hit harder and get a great distance. When choosing a 3 wood, it is imperative to choose something that has high ball speed, a premium graphite shaft, and low spin.

Frequently asked questions about the 3 wood

Do I Need A 3 Wood And A 5 Wood?

If you are playing the same course all the time and you rarely use your three wood, then you don’t need to be carrying one. One of the best things you can do is get two adjustable fairway wood. If you hit a 3 wood the best when it is set to 16 degrees, you can set your other fairway woods accordingly. At the same time, if you hit it best at 14, you can make sure you don’t have a significant gap in your bag.

What Lie Should I Hit Fairways From?

Some players never hit their fairway wood from the actual fairway. Fairway woods are not always the easiest to hit from a tight lie on the fairway. Especially if you choose a very low lofted three wood, this shot can end up quite a distance away from your target. If you do have the confidence to hit a fairway wood solidly, make sure you are not in a divot. If you are in the rough, you can hit a fairway wood, but the ball must be sitting up.

How Are My Fairway Woods Different From My Hybrids?

The hybrid is more closely related to your irons. With fairway woods, you are going to want to swing in a more sweeping motion just like a driver. With the hybrid, you will hit down and through the ball just like an iron.

Fairway woods will perform off a short tee or a clean lie in the fairway. They don’t do as well from a sloped or rough lie; the hybrids are your better choice for that. If you want to stop the ball on grass then a hybrid is the best option and if want a great distance to choose fairway woods.


It is tough work to choose the best 3 wood for you. Many releases every year and sold. We also realize that clubs go far better than woods. According to us these 3  TaylorMade SIM, the Callaway Mavrik, and Cobra F MAX Airspeed can help you to find your best woods.

We hope you like our review and get the best for your need. If you have any suggestions or complaints you can write in our comment section.

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