5 Best Driver For Slice Available In Market – 2021 Review

In the world of golf, your driver must work efficiently. So that you can place the ball in the hole without having any kind of difficulties. The golfer is a master in driving the driver but it’s not easy. To make the perfect shot with a driver without having the best driver for slice that attached to the driver successfully.

As left or right-hander, it is difficult to play such kind of ground where trees trouble exists and holes are behind them. So in this kind of case, you need the best driver for slice. This makes your shot very explosive to reach the hole.

For swinging the ball in a better direction and to get a very lower spin your driver plays a virtual role to put the ball on fire with a perfect shot.

Here we can make it easier for you to choose one of the best drivers for the slice. Picked the high rated products only.

A top listed product is assured with a very low budget and higher performance is pine meadow. Driver with carbon fiber crown construction which gives the ball maximum speed and very high rounder cutoff.

It consists of 440 ccs of club heads with very large spots. High heel weighting gives phenomenal ways to take the shot in your comfort zone.

So let’s find some extra featured drivers which are very helpful for the golfers or the beginners.  Both can use it and make their golf club section impressive.

Every driver has its own particular advantages which attract you to choose one without investing so much time and patients.

List of The Best Driver For Slice-

Here are some genuine and premium, low budget and best driver for a slice are given to choose easily.

Best Driver For Slice-Volume/Angle
Cobra F Max10.5 Degree
Pinemeadow Offset Driver460cc, 14 Degree
Callaway Rogue Driver10.5 Degree
Ping G400445cc, 10.5 Degree
Custome Driver515cc, 10.5 Degree

1- Cobra F Max Offset Driver

best driver for seniors - FOR WOMEN

This cobra driver is similar to his name while working. Internal weight is concentrated less towards its heel to make the ball turn very high and long-distance cover.

the driver is very lite in weight consists of only 285 gms of net weight. So that you easily pick it and handle it without giving so many efforts

The golfer always uses to find the best shots which give the swing and less spin. This driver helps you a lot to place the ball quickly ranked to the top in delivering shots via mid-speed swingers.

Its center of gravity gives the tendency to slice and its advanced featured design gives a very cool look and attracts anyone to buy it.

This driver is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars in performances and reviews are very trending.

  • Nonadjustable driver.


2- Pinemeadow Offset Driver

pine offset -

If anyone looking for the best driver at a very low budget and really valuable. Then this product is one of the finest driver comparing to all other with extraordinary anti-slice technology.

This drive consists of a 460 cc club head having a square face designed. Makes your shot really very adorable and fly-like wings in the air also reach the point perfectly.

Talking about the swing and spin this includes an anti-slice technology. It prevents the ball from getting wave so far.

It has also a headcover to get roughnesses with high sweet spots. Square face on the front down with straightness drive.

The prettiest thing about this driver that you will get a  metal black finish design which attracts you undoubtedly.

  • Offset design.
  • 460cc.
  • Heel weighted.
  • Quite complicatesd.
  • Costly.


3- Callaway Rogue Driver – Best Driver For Slice

callaway rogue driver

As everyone knows that the Callaway products always gives their best products. Highly durable performances so here it’s gives you one of the greatest drivers. Designed in such a way that women can use this very easily and also suitable for men.

It’s a premium product but consists of so many advanced features. Allow the user to show or learn the skill properly.

It has an advanced feature called VFT technology which gives you unpredicted power transfer to the ball.

This driver has a categorized flex type i.e stiff flex, regular flex, senior flex with the loft of an angel  9 degree and 10.5 degree.

  • Heel weighted.
  • Range of loft available.
  • Light weight.
  • Costly.


4- Ping G-400 Sft Driver – Best Driver For Slice

ping g400

The purpose behind the name having g-400 is to obtain straight flight technology. Clearly means that the shot is given by this driver turn the ball straight high and flight so long.

It consists of 445 ccs of clubhead section which fell so light in weight specially designed for reducing the dragnet come between the ball and driver.

The ping has very high performance with its g-400 drivers featuring. More streamlined light design at which helps to equate to increased club section speed.

It concludes multi-flex with standard lofts of 10 degrees and 12 degrees. The new shaft balanced the pair well with a cloud head of 203gms.

Its dimensions are about 45 ¾ inches.

  • Depp center of gravity.
  • High weighted.
  • Hosel adjustment.
  • 445 cc may be small for someone.
  • CG is not adjustable.


5- Custom Golf Driver Non-Confirming Illegal Monster

custom golf driver

It is the best illegal driver for a slice which helps achieve the long-distance point above the tree shot.

This driver consists of long sweet spots in heads up to 515 cc which makes the use term long way to handle and make shots.

It is an offset design that counters your shots easily and performs so well.

It’s rated among all other very highly and recommend for use to take very high long-distance point holes.

  • Large sweet pot.
  • Offset design.
  • Personalized
  • No allow in games.
  • Ni specific brand.



So these all above the one the toughest and best driver for a slice. Gives their best performances in all fields of the golf club.

If you are going to see the best version of drivers for slice then these products are going to capture your mindset. Attract you very fast with their user experiences and maximum reviews from users.

So what are waiting for a go and find your best driver for a slice from best to best options?

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