Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed (2021 Edition)

After getting in touch with many golf players we assume that most of them want a ball with slow swing speed to make their shot accurate. So finding the golf balls for slow swing speed is very important.

Here we take you to our guide of the best golf ball available and a small guide to discuss the best option available.

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Guide For Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed:-

Meaning of slow swing speed

It is one of the most essential features of the game. Speed is not only crucial for the game. But you also need to choose the right shaft for your swing and also depend upon your driver. New tech help to measure the swing speed correctly and in an easy way.

You just need to take advantage of the clubs and wedges shops. Professionals need to achieve the swing speed but if it is slower than can help to control it easily and manageable. Slow swing speed also an important aspect of the game you just need to manage it to maximize your effort.

Normally, men prefer about 90-95 mph but if you are slower than this you will be considered as a slow swinger player. Many top professionals have a speed of 110+ mph and  Tiger Woods reaches top speeds on a tour of just under 130 mph. It is important so you need to choose according to your nature of the game.

Golf ball speed vs swing speed 

This is important to understand between both of these that there is a difference between both. Swing speed is important for distance to get, one can achieve ball speed and distance with slower swing speed. It is the speed by which a club is moving towards the ball to hit it. While ball speed is a simple speed means how many meters it is covered in a particular second. Swing speed directly affects the ball speed and these few factors which affect it:

  • Hit angle
  • Point of contact
  • Face angle

When you hit the ball by center then it will get a slower swing speed so it can easily achieve a longer distance. But when you hit on the top surface you won’t get the required height, swing, or speed. Do these things right you will outperformance during the game.


Golf ball compression vs swing speed

It is still an unknown thing for many people. The compression ranging from 70 to 110. The compression effect swing speed and also distance covered. And suited for players who want golf balls with lower swing speed. And allows utilizing the maximum capability of the ball.

Sometime after hit the ball compression helps to achieve height and distance.  of the players start the compression rate from 80 then increasing to 110. You can read USGA guidelines to better understand the compression and speed factors.

Considerations when buying Golf Balls When You Have Slow Swing Speed

There are a number o factors that affect the golf ball and its swing speed.

  • Low Compression

Generally, players with a slow swing should go for a ball with low compression, normally about 80.

  • Distance

To achieve the maximum speed your swing speed should be slow. Sometimes this affects the performance of the green area. Also need to control if your ball speed is very high.

  • Your Handicap

Your handicap will give you a fair indication of your current skill level. These players are not good at shaping shots and pitching. So they want a ball with slow swing speed and helps in controlling.

  • Budget

This is one of the major factors and still there is a lot of good balls that come under budget. But it totally depends upon you as the manufacturer also make balls for low budget players. This is a costly game and its equipment also costs you a lot if compared to any of the other manufacturers.

You should not have to invest in premium balls at this stage as you will probably not be able to get the full benefit of the features that makes them expensive. Look at one of the more affordable options so that you do not get too upset when a ball is lost or damaged.

  • Spin/Control

This is a very different thing that you need to understand as your skill can help you to do so. No, any ball can help you if your game is still in the started situation. You need to balance your choice of a golf ball and swing speed.

List of the best golf balls for slow swing speed:-

1-Callaway SupersoftGolf Balls For Slow Swing Speed

Callaway is the market top player for golf balls and also for the player who likes to use slower swing speed. The softballs are good for new players, ladies, and senior players. The low compression is which makes it soft and good for lower swing speed.

The Callaway makes a soft golf ball than any other available in the market. It comes in many color variants like Turquoise, Orange, and Lime you can get whatever you like. The aerodynamic design help to fly longer and get the height too. These balls have low spin which helps to increase accuracy and forgiveness. The price is slightly more as compared.

The set has 2 balls with a Trionomer Blend cover and a Polybutadiene softcore. Combine it give a perfect ball for the player like slow swing speed. This is very popular among the players and the best option to consider under the best golf ball with slow swing speed.

  • Super low compression.
  • Accurate and steady.
  • Forgiving.
  • Good HEX aerodynamics.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Not ideal for professionals.

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2-Srixon Soft Feelsrixon soft

If you like slow swing speed then you should go with it without spending a lot on balls. This golf ball offers a ball in a great amount of money. It is very important to get the ball that best for you. You don’t need to take tension for losing the ball, its cost can help you out.

The compression is very low rated to 60 and best for slow swing. This helps to attain maximum distance. This works well with a soft cover for a great feel and trajectory. Softballs do better in greenside, slow swing also enhance the capability.

The ball has 338 dimples that allow for aerodynamic and make help to cut the winds and achieve distance.

  • Ultra soft feel.
  • Value.
  • Distance covered.
  • Forgiving and relatively accurat.
  • Quality and durability.

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3-TaylorMade ProjectGolf Balls For Slow Swing Speed

This is a highly used and rated ball for slow swing speed while others allow for distance but need attention on greens. This combination is a favorite of many players. The best option for mid to high handicapper has 322 dimples to minimize drag, make it accurate, and increase potential.

The inner core is soft as compared to the outer layer and, covered by urethane cover that helps to control the movement of the balls. The balls are in the third generation and may consider it as the best golf ball for slower swing speed both for beginners and professionals.

The feel is generally appreciated and the control should help your short game. Some golfers might find the spin to be a bit too low on long drives.

  • Soft and aerodynamic.
  • Control in the green area.
  • Controled spin.
  • Some players find the spin on distance shots too low
  • Performance enhancements have dampened.

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4-Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

If you like slow swing speed then definitely you like to have the softballs. So this may be suitable for you. This aims for the softer and hence slower swing speed which is highly demanded by most of the players. Its feedback and review of players on Amazon and real-life are much better.

The design is very good and used a core with very low compression and then a pure outer cover. To obtain the reduced spin one normally gets from a softcore, they made changes to the cover. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve each and everything in the same ball without any compromise, but this ball can be replaced by all your other ball.

Better for the long-distance and provide more comfortable with the greener side. The balance is very good, controllable, and better for the greener side.

  • Soft core.
  • Good distance.
  • Versatile.
  • Some problem in grass.

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5-Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

If you like distance and not swing then this is the best option for you. Generally, longer balls with soft-touch are difficult to achieve but this manufacturer does it very well with their ECR balls. If the distance is your top priority, which for many slow swingers it is, then these balls could help you achieve that.

Long balls with a soft feel generally don’t go together but that is exactly what Callay has done with their ERC golf balls. This ball uses modern design features, materials, and technologies that help to make balls effective. The “Triple Track Technology” is what they called an alignment aid on these balls.

The ball has a thick red line in the center just like in airplanes help to align straight while a play. On the technology side, the ECRs are 3 balls set with a soft Graphene core, flexible and strong enough to get a great launch with more speed and low spin.

The ball’s outer cover is polybutadiene and according to them, this is the best option as compared to urethane and ionomer cover. Also, the price is very decent and helps to be used by many players.

  • Good for distance.
  • An effective alignment aid.
  • Quality materials and design.
  • Good durability.
  • Decent feedback and sound.
  • Some golfers might not appreciate.
  • Alignment lines.

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Getting the right ball for your game is much more important like your ability is important for the game. Since we already review a lot of the ball previously but this time we reviewed the range and quality of the ball on one important aspect i.e. swing speed.

We reviewed lots of balls but the best ball for slow swing speed is Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls and like to suggest to every player.

Keep in mind that sometimes budget balls can not provide the exact thing which you want from your ball. These balls have a great soft feel, optimize spin, and maximize distance for slow swingers. At the same time, they offer forgiveness and accuracy.

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