Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2021: 6 Top Picks

If you are thinking to play golf then you need a lot of help from the senior player and instructors. So I was thinking to help you also to choose the best golf balls for beginners.

Losing a ball in golf is normal but having the same type of ball before or choosing the best for beginners is quite difficult. There are many types of ball available like soft, hard bounce, or with more track on it. They all look the same but there is some difference so you need to choose carefully.

While your wedge and swing speed makes a great impact on the ball. Here we add a lot of detail on different golf balls and factors affecting ball performance so that you don’t face any problem.

Here we put a quick review so you can choose any one of them if you have a short time.

Are you in hurry? Watch this – Best Golf Balls for beginners-

Now it’s enough details and information, let find out the best golf balls for beginners.

List of Best Golf Balls For Beginners:-

1-Titleist VelocityBest Golf Balls for beginners

Titleist is one of the old players in the market of golf balls and always have a development sector to keep doing experiments with the ball. A brand leader and still on the top of world leaders. In starting many players lost their ball in every game so keeping balls for a long time can happen only when you use medium speedballs and this also improves your games.

This ball provides whatever beginners demand with their golf ball. it has 328 dimples best for the trajectory and spin. It can help you to stop the ball where it collides the ground, sometimes it also depends on your club.

The Velocity has a softcore and a cover made to generate low spin, particularly important when hitting your driver, while also providing good distance, hopefully down the fairway.

  • Soft feel.
  • Good launch angle and ball flight.
  • The shallow angle of descent.
  • Excellent roll after landing adding to the distance.
  • Quite expensive.

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2-TaylorMade Project tylor made ball

This is under the budget ball for beginners or those who lost their balls in every game.

It has 342 dents that help to good trajectory and spin which is enough for juniors and the new one.

Designed specifically for beginners and those with high handicaps. Its compression is not very high and the outer layer is made up of polymer.

  • Soft large dual-distance core.
  • Core reduces spin and assists speed.
  • Soft large dual-distance core.
  • Not ideal for really slow swing speeds.

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3-Callaway Supersoft – Best Golf Balls For Beginnerscallaway supersoft - Best Golf Balls for beginners

This ball is durable and made for longer use and feels good without compromising distance accuracy. Its spin is low so the user can be confident while light and better distance.

You can play a large number of games with this as its color is a highlight in green grass and even in sand bunkers.

You can choose another color if you want. The rest of all is similar to the other which have dimples that can help for trajectory and flight.

  • 2-piece yet soft and durable.
  • Designed for low spin, and hence the distance.
  • Not as long as some of its competitors.

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4-Vice Pro Plusvice pro plus - Best Golf Balls for beginners

In this package, you will get 4 balls of top quality at a better price and only available online which is not a big deal in the online world.

It has 336 dimples which are commonly used as premium and costly ones.

The cover is durable and thin, unlike any other balls. You can expect a good feel and plenty of chance to spin the ball with short irons.

  • Urethane cover helping distance and control.
  • Feel and spin in your short game
  • Real value.
  • Better for mid-handicap golfers.

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5-Pinnacle Softpinnacle soft

The compression is low and has 332 dimples and is specially designed for the player who wants a consistent flight.

It also provides a  good distance with slow swing speed which is perfect for the new players. It is very durable and each ball lasts for a longer time.

But only if don’t lose in water or long-distance flight or in any game this only depends on you.

  • Consistently good ball flight.
  • Durable.
  • Good value.
  • Limited feel around the green.

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6-Srixon AD333srixonn ad333

The Srixon Core is designed especially for the spin, high flight, and nest for the handicapped players.

It has 324 dents and offers medium spin with better fell than any other ball. Thus provide good flight and balance.

The ball is soft but enough to control the short game.

  • The cover provides added friction.
  • Excellent feel and control.
  • Great ball for windy days.
  • Cover not as durable as some equivalent balls.

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Guide For The Best Golf Balls For Beginners-

Component to Consider Before Buying Your Golf Balls

This is an important thing in our game so it should be perfect. If you have a skill and know the exact technique to put the ball in putter after that also you should have you need a perfect ball for your game. No all the ball with round shape and white color are good for golf. Th bump density and material it is made defines the performance in-game, its design, and the properties it can bring to bear on your game.

What does a beginner need from their golf ball?

It should be common for the high handicapped to ask this question as they required some slow swing speedball for their game. In the same way, new players need a ball that is sympathetic to their ability. As they do well in-game their demand and ball change significantly.

Normally when someone starts to play that wants a ball to cover the maximum distance then after some time, they need their ball to be more swing and average velocity of travel.

Manufacturers of these balls have two primary layers, Surlyn which is hard, promotes distance while Polyurethane is slightly softer, thereby providing more spin and control. If you want durability and distance, you should look for Surlyn covered balls that every new player wants.

Golf ball dents

Previously the golf ball was smoothed but after some time it is realized that dented or damaged balls travel up to a long distance. Airflow around the ball to flow them at a certain speed if you study physics then you can understand the thermodynamic behind the formation of the ball.

So sometimes this can advantage of it. Some time also helps to cut the air and to make some swing. There are official weight and size of the ball according to the USGA so this also matters that your ball is legal or not. Any illegal ball cannot be used in games.

Balls that have 300-500 dimples are available in the market. The depth of that dent also help the ball trajectory, the shape can be circular or any other, it totally depends upon the manufacturer. The smaller surface area removing the dimples area can help the ball to resist most of the elements like wind, water, or air. It also affects the motion trajectory and spin of the ball when hit.

Golf ball spin rate

The dimples are not only responsible for the spin f ball but also the way by which the player hits on it. Spin is directly proportional to the height achieved by the ball. Sometimes you also see by using spin some top professionals return bak their ball to target for easy to put in the hole.

Spinning the ball is also one of the techniques which can help you to win the game. Wedges and their angle of the club also affect the spin so be sure to buy the perfect pair of the shaft for better performance. It is easy to create spin with a short wedge and high loft that make a path of the ball higher than normal and helps to make a downward strike.

Some shafts also have a specific angle by which you can create more spin and bounce when you need or you are new in this game. The spin rate is created at impact and it influences both height and distance. In windy conditions, all golfers look to minimize elevation into the elements.

Golf ball compression 

Every new player gets trap in the word of comparison, they need to understand that no article can compare exactly without any physical appearance. They afraid of this comparison and try to get the best golf balls for beginners one but not every time this review of comparison works.

You can never compare anything without taking both things in hand. You just read a review and think that your ball works the same as written there. The question is why it matters? It was not similar to the same ball which can be compared with another ball without even seeing it.

You will find lots of balls with different compression and it’s on you to choose which one will be fit for your categories.

Our advice is to choose the ball in such a way so that it can make your game better and not only high speed and swing matters, the technique, and nature of your play decide this as well.

Illegal golf balls

This term simply means that ball with shape, size, and weight which is not approved by USGA and R&A. There are rules of that document which tells you about the legal and illegal golf balls so that it will help you to buy legal one.


After all of this information, we will recommend Titleist Velocity for best use and in a medium budget also. Any other ball in our list is the best golf balls for beginners as well as a high handicapper.

Every ball has spin features but it also depends upon the player’s ad tech wedge you used to strike the ball.

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