Best Golf Cart Heaters – 8 Top variables

I am sure everyone loves to keep warm while playing golf in low temperatures. The best golf cart heaters are mostly used by vulnerable people who don’t like to be exposed to that cold weather.

If you like to manage the situation well then you should look for a portable golf cart heater since it’s an easy and affordable way to come clean in the chilly air and enjoy the surroundings to the fullest.

Propane Heaters – Best Golf Cart Heaters

1- Mr. Heater golf cart heater 4000 BTU MH4C

The heater works sincerely to deliver a heat output of 4000 BTU’s which provides sufficient warmth on cold days. The heater can be directly plugged with the 1lb LP cylinder and sustains within a safe space on most golf carts. You can easily work through the set, all you need to do is continuously press the ignition button and a striking mechanism will start working to go about with the task.MT HEATER

This heater holds within itself built-in oxygen deplete sensor and a safety tip-over switch that manages smooth function throughout the day and even in bumpy situations.

I would like to add that sometimes the heat reflection is not as good as compared to older models but that doesn’t create any problem.

A propane charge works for 5-51/2 hours and there is an adapter in the set which takes care of filling. The pilot stays in place while the unit employs its wind-resistant burner.


2- Stansport Deluxe Golf/Marine Infrared Propane Heater

Stansport deluxe

This is a mid-price range set that works about just fine at almost all times. It was however noted that the electronic ignition function fails in many situations which intern increases the use of matches or lighter to restore the unit. The heater unit is placed above the tank which increases its heaviness at the top, providing a shabby fit which l could lead to displacement during a bumpy ride.

The model does not have a windscreen but works modestly to heat an enclosed cart. Unfortunately, with the absence of a windscreen, the use of a vehicle often generates a breeze that turns off the flame so we need to reignite it.

The unit has good fuel consumption though and has a good shelf life. The heat output is 3500 BTU’s heat output.


3- Parts Direct Golf Cart Propane Heaters With Cup Holder

parts direct

The unit comes at an appropriate price and does its job well by providing optimum heat projection. may have trouble igniting its flame by the use of its inbuilt spark trigger but when you can, the heat output is good.

The operation lasts for 5-6 hours despite the 7-hour claim by the manufacturer. The unit adapts well in cold surroundings and works on reflecting the heat. It also has cup adapters.


4- Mr. Heater F23200O MH9BX BUDDY 4000-9000 BTU Propane Heaters

mr heater - Best Golf Cart Heaters

It has a huge heating area along with the fold-down handle and as we will out a few collections. The position control is quite simple as well.

Mr heater sets a benchmark with sage portability and efficiency along with extreme comfort. One can ensure a safe wind-resistant burner and pilot system owing to its low oxygen shut-off and tip-over safety switches that manage to shut the system.


Best Golf Cart Heaters – Electric Models

1- TSI Products, INC SCC7701 Climate Caddy 48V Electric Golf Cart Heater and Fan, White, Large

TSI Products

You can enjoy the benefits of different climates with a caddy golf cart heater.

The heater is quite a discovery and has a fan unit that is particularly manufactured for 48 Volt electric golf cards. It works on feet and pending technology which offers match climate control without putting a load on the battery off your cart. The comfortable and light design has a secure fit in the Cup Holder.

The eater has a double function; it works to provide heat during the winters and provides a fan during summer and vice versa.

You can easily include and install the setup and with the help of an electric eye, you can deal with further advantages. It has a portable yet permanent unit which requires 48 volts to operate. To conclude I’d like to say that this was one of my most favorite electric heaters and despite not fitting with my gas-powered club car cart, it still manages to do well when combined with my 48 Volt E–Go RXV.


 2- Heater Craft G200X – Best Golf Cart Heaters

It is quite handy and light in weight and delivers 4000 but to 4500 BTUs.


It has a flush mount faceplate and the bottom of the dash contains a universal mounting bracket that is ready for customer installation. Also, remember that this is a 48 Volt heater and isn’t portable.

You must be ready to deal with some digging and wire placing to set this unit.

Also, need to consider that this will not work on a gas golf cart. Won’t be adaptive to older 36 Volt electric cards. Need 48 Volt card to enjoy its benefits.

If you manage to do so the unit will perform brilliantly and use just 10 amps of power. The best thing about it is that you just need to buy it once and you’ll not have to arrange to reopen bottles again and again.

The company also provides you with a 4-year warranty and the dimensions are 5 3/4″L x 4 1/2″W x 4″H.


3- RoadPro RPSL-681 12V Direct Hook-Up Ceramic Heater/Fan w/Swivel Base

roadpro - Best Golf Cart Heaters

You can directly connect it to your vehicle battery switch and select between heats to cool the setting. The product has a 15 AMo rating and contains all the hardware. That you need for installation. The dimensions are W X 4-1/2″ D X 5-1/2″ H.


4- DC Thermal Marine SA12-4000 12 Volt 480 WATT 8016 BTU BRUSHLESS CAB Heater Weather Resistant

dc thermal marine

Heaters from this company are unknown to reduce no smell and fumes. The case is made up of T5052 aluminum and is thermally protected. It complements well with the goal card heater, industrial equipment, ATVs, fork trucks. The heaters also have a High/Low/off Switch.

It is carefully designed and crafted in the USA.

It will probably last forever and contains mounting hardware, mounting bracket, fuse, fuse Holder, electric connector, and some detailed instructions along with a 2-year warranty.


Best Golf Cart Heaters – Buyer’s Guide

How much heat do you need?

To have an estimate about the number of BTUs required you need to follow the method given below. First hand foremost you should measure the face dimension to determine the cubic feet and then subtract the outside temperature from the desired inside temperature to measure the temperature rise.

In case you calculate your temperature in Fahrenheit and follow this particular formula-

(Cubic Feet x Temperature Increase x .133 = Required BTUs) If you have measured temperature in Celsius, calculate the required BTUs with this formula: (Cubic Feet x Temperature Increase x .2394 = Required BTUs).

Propane Heaters or Electric Heaters- which are the best for you?

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of each. The choice solely depends upon your personal use and budget places final move.

Advantages of Propane Heaters

They are transported, shared, or owned individually since they are not costly.


You must be aware that they are not expensive and might sometimes lack wind protection and there is a need for adequate ventilation. There is also no eater temperature control and some people might be scared with the open flame.

Advantages of Electric Heaters

Electric heaters on the other hand have no extra charges for fuel since they run on batteries and also cancel the scenario of the open flame and fumes. You also get variable temperature control and ensure safety.

Having said that, I need to bear up with the expenses to provide a place for permanent mounting. Since they are model equipment they won’t be working well with the traditional gas-powered golf cards.


Final Thoughts

If you are planning to buy a heater for your golf cart you must note down your thoughts on the accounts of an enclosure.

With the enclosure in use, the temperature inside the cabin is around 20 degrees warmer than in the absence of it. You must also make sure that in case you have a propane heater you must make provision for proper ventilation.

The folks who would decide to go for electric heaters should cross-check whether the device will connect well with a gas-powered card or 36 Volt powered cart. With all being done you’re ready to go and enjoy the game of golf.

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