5 Best Golf Chippers Of 2021-Best Guide

In this game, many of the players prefer the short game and this is the key skill to success on the course. It can help you around the green areas. Getting the golf chipper helps to remove the thin of thick chips and boost your low score.

In this article, we review some of the best 5 golf chippers for your need and fits for every type of player.

Are you in hurry? Then have a look at these products:-

What is a chipper?

This is similar to the head to a putter with a facelifted to usually 30-35 degrees, as the standard is 9-10.5 degrees. The length is generally 36inches and allows us to hit the ball in the hole.

It is designed to allow you to chip bur the better design and control helps when you use to put the ball in the hole.

It has a better lie angle than the other and lets you place it on the ground, and easier to hit than the traditional wedge. You use this club when you are just off the green and sometimes for longer shots where the fairway is clipped tight so the ball can roll.

Most of them come to a length of 33 to 48 inches with a standard shaft and putter. It is classified by the USGA as irons and has a standard grip depending on the performance and preference.

Who should use a chipper?

It can use by anyone but recommended for the mid handicapped player. If they are unable to hit with the short irons around the green areas then it is the best option for that type of player.

In the green situation, it can help a lot in that scenario you can use this chipper to put the ball up to the hole. The versatility can help to put from 30-40 yards if you don’t want to deal with the green areas.

The only one of its kind, easy to use, attachment for dual strap golf bags to remove strain on your shoulders and back. The low weight helps to hold for the longest time and don’t put extra stress on the back and superior for the old players.

Is it Legal during the game?

This is totally legal in the game as this is also made from iron rods and bars. The only way to legal is not to add a putter grip on the club and not have a 2-way chipper. This is the only way to make it legal and authorized. The 2 way chipper has a face on both sides is illegal. The long chipper and come in the same categories.

If you just want to shot a few shots with that then you can do it but make sure not to put it into the bag during the game or tournament time. If it is found then you will be out of the game and if in the team then the whole team will be out of the tournament.

Golf Chipper VS A Wedge

The use of both are quite similar but the overview is completely different. The golf chipper comes with 30-37 degrees whereas wedges vary from 45-60 degrees. There are different types of wedges with a different angle.

Most wedges found on the market and in golfers’ bags feature the following degrees.

Pitching wedge: 47 degrees

Gap wedge: 52 degrees

Sand Wedge: 56 degrees

Lob Wedge: 60 degrees

Wedges are a blade-like clubface and head and intend to put inside 125 yards, and allows you to do full, half, and short swing. It uses to hit even in the deep rough area for lifted shots like in the bottom of the hill.

On the other hand, the chipper has a putter like a face and for short-swing only.

Chipper is not meat to take a high show or to get the ball out from the deep area like low ground area. it is made to compete for the use of wedges without having any risk of digging club on the ground. The only design for mid-handicap players and people who want an easy play. Out of the 14 clubs allowed by USGA, players can use the least hit chipper in the place of wedges.

List of the 5 Best Golf Chippers in 2021:-

1- Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper

 Best Golf Chipper

Wilson has been around since 1914 and used and suggested by many of the top-class players and they itself use it in tournaments and many other games. There are more than 5 players who use this stick.

This great piece makes a high-performance club and there are many reasons to pick it and put on first place and be at the top since 2018.

The length of this club is 35″ and features and iron firm grip and let you use it easily depending upon you height. The head of club is designed very gently so that it can use very efficiently.

  • Alignment aid makes it easy to line up chips and be accurate.
  • Clubhead design is made to replicate a blade putter or short mallet putter.
  • The chipper is 35 inches in length which is typical for a putter.
  • Not two-faced which is good for USGA regulations.
  • Half of the clubhead is black and the other half is silver which can be distracting when lining up the ball.
  • Only manufactured for right handed players.

2-True Ace Assembled Golf Chipper

true ace

This chipper is assembled and due to its affordable price and specialty, this comes under the budget option due.

Stands with it make it different from any other chipper and help players to hit even in the worst scenario.

The hollow part makes it lightweight. easy to swing and maneuverable.

The length is 35″ with a 35-degree lift, this assembled chipper gives users a true feel like runs or short chis on a plain surface.

  • Four-way chamber allows players to hit from thick grass.
  • Cheaper than other options with similar features.
  • Legal for golf tournaments.
  • Only made for right-handed golfers.
  • Brand not well-known or reputable.
  • Club designed like a mallet putter so might take time getting used to.

3- Intech Golf EZ Roll Ladies  Best Golf Chipper

The Intech Golf EZ Roll is our top pick for the women player. It designs to look like a big putter and similar to Odyssey with circular on its back with a line on it and helps to align correctly.

It comes with the back weight design control while putting the ball in the hole. And the face angle is 35 degrees.

The length helps to prevent shanks and made good contact with the ball.

  • Comes in both right and left handed models.
  • Satin finish prevents glare on a sunny day.
  • Has two alignment aids.
  • Only available in one length and loft.
  • Brand not well-known or reputable.
  • Gooseneck hosel changes address angle.

4- Intech Golf Approach Two-Way Chipper

intech golf chipper

The is the 2-way chipper used by both left and right-handed players. This allows every golfer to use but it is illegal in the main game due to its 2 way chipper by USGA.

2 face also helps to work even in a difficult situation.

The length is the same as before 35″ which is the most popular and 32-degree tilt.

One of the best chipper for high-hadicappers and new one who just start this game.

  • Two faces allows players to hit difficult shots.
  • Cheaper than other options with similar features.
  • Legal for golf tournaments.
  • Illegal club by the USGA.
  • Face angle at 32 degrees is a little lower.

5- Ray Cook Extreme Aim Chipper

One of the branded chipper and known for its top-class wedges and putters. And bound us to put in our list, the cost is quite high but once you use it you will love it.

The site alignment is very good and helps you a lot while playing. The angle is 37-degree helps to move in every stage and gives you more flexibility during hitting as compared to the other golf chippers.

Main things is there is a separate edition for the men and women so that any one can use it adn play according to their will.

  • Comes in left or right-handed models
  • The 37-degree loft allows golfers to play different types of shots.
  • Very durable and resistant to dents and scratches.
  • Only right handed for women.
  • Costly.


Finally, we left you to decide which will be better for you to use in the game or for the fun.

The Wilson Men’s Harmonized Chipper wins our suggestion section due to its high-quality features and specifications that can help make the short game easier for its owners.

This is best for the newbies and handicappers and easily replace the wedges or other stick with it. We just take only 5 of the best so that you don’t need to rush between the lots of products in the market.

Hope you like our review and wish to get you a perfect pair for the game.

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