6 Best Illegal Golf Drivers In 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Generally, every golf player’s dream is to shot their drive over 300 yards in the game. Best Illegal Golf Drivers don’t mean that it is a crime to play with it.

The main reason is the weight and size is no according to the USGA standards but it help player to shot to a longer range. It has much other additional technology to help the golfer to shot to a longer distance.

In this article, we try to tell you about the 6 most useful illegal golf drivers for the player.

What do you mean by Illegal Golf Drivers?

It simply means that the shape and size are not according to the USGA or the international formate and cannot be used in the tournament.

According to the USGA, there are some fixed rule of the game:-

  • It must not have the effect of the spring which increases the speed of collision.
  • Any other additional features and technology.
  • Any unduly affect the movement of the ball or unduly influencing the clubhead’s spring effect.

In other words, the drivers cannot have faced in an irregular shape or size, thinner than required. This helps to shot the ball to a longer distance and makes the game unfair to the opponent. These few situations make it illegal to use.

This link will tell you if your driver is conforming and contains a list of conforming or non-conforming drivers.

So, when you can use those drivers?

You can use it during the practice or when you play just for the fun. And it is illegal to use in any tournament and make you disqualify or any other action.

Before buying one of the drivers you must know a few things about that.

Below are a few important features to look onto:

Quality- Brand is the most important thing, the bad build quality can downgrade your game and performance.

Accuracy– Some drivers are very bad as it reduces the speed than the normal and aids golfers to hit straight or wanted direction.

Durability- It is illegal doesn’t mean to get it very bad quality. At least for practice it should stay longer and don’t get any dent easily on it.

Advantage/ Disadvantage of having an illegal driver


  • Bigger head over 500cc and can help for a long drive of the ball.
  • The face has sprung so that the pendulum speed increases rapidly and helps the ball to bounce.
  • Easier to hit the ball in a straight direction and help to put the ball easily in the pit hole.


  • Only a few companies made this so the cost may high.
  • You cant use it in the official game, only in the practice.

Hi Cor driver

Hi, Cor drivers are produced with the best features to maximize distance with their high rebound speed off the face. This is legal and you can use it in the game.

List Of Best Illegal Golf Drivers In 2021:-

1- Juggernaut Titanium Golf Driver

Juggernaut-Titanium-Golf-Driver - best illegal golf drivers

  • This is our best choice and best pick among the illegal drivers in the market. It is designed to help the golfers who play for fun. This is 515cc as compared to the standard of 460cc.
  • This has a massive small spot and has a heater cannon design. The face is forged cannon design and the front face is forged with titanium created by Juggernaut. And both features are disallowed by the USGA.
  • The shape is to allows the golfers to have a square face impact which helps to shot in a straight line.
  • You can buy 41″ to 49″ drivers shaft or golf shaft is available for selection as well. The grip is available in the different standards and variants as well.
  • It has a lot of features but still illegal for the games.
  • Standard 10.5 degrees.
  • Extra-large sweet spot.
  • 515cc so hitting longer drives is easy.
  • Only for right-handed golfers.
  • Only available in all-black.

2- Pinemeadow PGX 500cc – Best Illegal Golf Drivers

Pinemeadow PGX 500cc
  • This is another matte black illegal driver for the best price and still has many features.
  • Head size is 500cc over the standard limit 460cc USGA limit, help to smash the ball faster.
  • The look is interesting and looks like coming from the future.
  • The size helps to contact the ball easier as compared to the regular one. The X shows its brand and helps to align straight too so no worry about aligning it to the desired position.
  • The driver is 10.5 degrees and 46 inches long and comes with a graphite shaft.
    • Large sweet spot.zq1`
  • Lime green alignment aid.
  • Includes headcover.
  • Enormous “X” in the middle of the clubhead
  • Different users said the club can easily be dented.

3- Power Play Juggernaut Non-Conforming Driver

Power Play Non-Conforming
  • One again from the same brand and quite similar to the previous one but this is recommended for the senior players.
  • The driver is 515cc which makes it quite comfortable while putting the ball into the pit.
  • Include beta titanium face as USGA regulation. COR effect leading to more distance off the tee. The offset hosel helps users to close the face as well.
  • It has a solid all-black arrow for the alignment and has a lightweight flex to increase the speed of swing.
  • Offset hosel helps golfers draw the ball.
  • Dark gray arrow pops enough to help with alignment.
  • COR effect from beta titanium face leads to long drives
  • Some golfers said they didn’t see improved results.
  • Only available in black.

4- Heater Ghost Ultralite Golf Driver – For Slow Swing Speed

Heater Ghost Ultralite Golf Driver
  • This illegal driver is based on the Tylormade models. The head is ultra light of 175 grams only which is also low the standard weight of 200 grams.
  • The shaft is also light as compared to the other shafts available in the market. This leads to increased swing speed, which helps increase distance.
  • During the making, if the shaft, is treating with intense heat and makes it hard so that the ball goes to a longer distance.
  • The ultra-thin technology adds a titanium head in the strike areas and helps to make a solid contact while striking.
  • The face size is available from 3 to 2.5mm for the different types of users and also available in white.
  • Special heat process aids in achieving better distance off the tee.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • Very light.
  • Only available in white.
  • Illegal to use in tournaments.

5- Orlimar Golf Black Big Buddha Driver

Orlimar Big Buddha 520cc - Best Illegal Golf Drivers

  • You will love this once used during the practice session. The size is quite bigger 520cc but one of the longest-hitting drivers which are illegal. The size helps to use less energy during the swing and achieve a great distance.
  • It contains a thin crown which helps to move the weight to the lower area.
  • The club is black, red, and silver with a white alignment aid.
  • 3 options are available for the shaft; regular, stiff, and senior flex. For the right-handed user only.
  • And you need to buy a headcover separately.
  • Huge 520cc head.
  • Made from a reputable brand.
  • Enormous sweet spot.
  • Only available for right-handed golfers.
  • Headcover is not included.

6- Geek Golf Japan Hot VersionDriver Head

Geek Golf DCT 551 Driver - Best Illegal Golf Drivers

  • This brand is used by many other record holders players like Jamie Sadlowski and Sandra Carlborg.
  • This Geek Golf DCT 551 features a Hi Cor Japan edition head. This version is black in color and the main weight is entered to the rear of the head.
  • Both sides have integrated with the power slot to balance the wight to both sides and comfortable to swing at any speed.
  • The volume of the head is 460cc which is standardized by USGA and a legal volume for the drivers.
  • You can purchase for 9 to 10.5 degree which you like to use.
  • The added weight helps keep the club balanced.
  • Hi Cor helps add distance to drives.
  • Available in two lofts.
  • Only available as a clubhead.
  • 460cc volume is smaller than other clubs on this list.


We hope you like our guide for the best illegal golf drivers in the market. From our side, we would like to recommend Juggernaut Offset for the best performance. This club has a 515cc volume which helps to use less energy and a greater swing while hitting the ball to the extended distance as well.

The best non-conforming driver comes in a variety of options and mixes game improvement with performance.

Finally, we advised using the standard volume of 460cc drivers to enhance the performance in any condition in-game as well as a practice session.

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