The Best Sand Wedge in 2021: Our 5 Top Picks

We spend a lot of time reviewing the best sand wedge than many other professionals. Just a joke I just mean that our suggestion is best for you. We hope not to use this club every day, there is no doubt and I want comfortable with it.

So let’s find out the best sand wedges depending on their need; if you are new or old there is a wedge for you.

Which is the Right Sand Wedge?

We recommend loft sand wedges is the best option for every player and also enhance the capability of taking shots as well. And many manufacturers make the best quality of wedges.

What is a sand wedge?

Generally, the sand wedges have an angle between 54-58 degrees and vary a few amounts of bump you can see.

The material used for making the wedges and weight can be a factor for the spin achieved and very important to clean the grooves before every time you use them.

The sand wedges should be heavier as compared to the other stick because swing speed is not an important thing, the skill is the most important things to you feed to use for the sand wedges.

Types of Sand Wedges

The wedges come as a predefined set of irons but there are other 3 types of wedges that you can use and carry in your bags and you can buy them separately.

Sand wedges are one from that set of three and other names as ‘’gap’’ and ‘’lob’’ wedges and everyone has a different loft.

Like you use your pitching wedges for small shots near about 100 yards in the green areas and similarly, the other 2 have their special features as well.

The range of this wedge is sometimes more than 50 degrees while the other has 54 degrees. You can use it for the high altitude life but allow only by the handicap golfers.

On the other hand “gap” fills in the loft between sand wedges and pitching. It uses for the sand doom but also uses for shots of range 75 yards.

Finally, “lob” has 60 degrees of angle and is mostly used with an open face to get away from and situation and known for only lift, no roll on the ground.

Sand Wedge for bunker shots-

Many players sign when they hit in the sand. Much other thinking comes across mind while playing.

Many top-class players prefer sand with rough and try to aim from there only and never fail to play on the green even in the short games. This is also a secret of some players to put the ball near the sand areas using a long or smooth swing and then use their ability to put a ball inside the putter.

The bounce angle did their work when hit by sand wedges and leave that to do the rest of the job, just remember to take a full swing.

Lob Wedge for bunker shots-

The design helps the ball to bounce on the sand rather than drag over it while making a line on the sand.

It helps to move out the ball from the different bunker shots. Lob wedges are only a reason as it increases the loft and edges make it easier to go through it even in a high density or wet sand.

You will slightly open the face but no more. It is an argument for carrying a lob wedge as well as a sand wedge.

Characteristics of a Sand Wedge

This is usually used to put out the ball from the different terrain of sand, mostly from the sand bunkers.

This happens only because of its angle of faces and the areas where the ball collider are basically 3 types of wedges:-

  • Sand Wedges
  • Lob Wedges
  • Gap Wedges

Its properties:

  • The angle between 54 – 58 degrees, but you can use the different one.
  • Shaft should be 32″-38″ only.
  • The strike face should be wide which helps to strike the ball.

Sand Wedges For Beginners

Generally used by the high handicappers for new ones in the game of golf. Practice for the sand areas only and learn a few master moves and get back the ball to play.

But as advised by many players, one should not spend more time on wedges. It depends on the priority and for those who want to learn to get out the ball from the sand.

Advised to get at least one of them to move the ball out from the sand and learn the correct basics.

Sand Wedge Review: Best Alternatives-

1- Callaway Mack Daddy Wedge 

best sand wedge

Callaway is an expert in this field for so long and still doing his best and hold the first phase on our list. These short-length wedges are the best option for the elders and senior players too.

It is forged with soft steel and shapes unique to Callaway. The structure is a unique and fairly designed edge assist to clean a clean and clear shot. The center of mass is fine so you can aim perfectly even in high toss so aim with confidence.

Its achieve spin because of its groove design from the base to the front area.

And also help to tackle the grass, sometimes not make even a line on the sand and bounce directly out to the green area. Helpful to move the ball out of the bunkers.

  • Versatile and forgiving from sand, rough and greenside.
  • Great feel with spin to suit.
  • Variety of buying alternatives to suit you (3 different grinds).
  • Different groove packages.
  • Perhaps marginally better for mid-range rather than high handicap golfers.

2-Wilson Harmonized Sand Wedge –Best Sand Wedge For Seniors

best sand wedge - for elders

This wedge is designed very simply and looks so cool. The lightweight design and its grip help even in the worst scenario.

The price is attractive but can not meet its quality. The best in budget and easily affordable. The design is especially for the senior, durable, and has anti-glare look.

The angle is 56 degrees and only for the right-handed player, and it will be great if you are one of them. The thin line and groove help to put the ball near the holt without any major issue.

The design is so simple and sometimes you don’t like it by its look but the performance is just the opposite. The grip used in it is comfortable and easy for long and long swing, the length is 35 inches.

  • Very affordable wedge.
  • Good both in firm bunkers and difficult rough.
  • A sleek look adds to your confidence over the ball.
  • Single grip option and only in the right hand.
  • Short of control in certain circumstances.
  • Question of durability.

3-Cleveland Golf CBX Wedge –Best Sand Wedge For Beginnersbest sand wedge for beginers

This small size and the attractive wedge is one of the rare pieces in the market. The hollow cavity-like structure makes it lightweight and one of the best options for beginners.

The dual operation sole is new and weight is perfectly distributed throughout the face. This helps to improve the shots and enhance your performance.

You will get the great spin even the sand bunker and also help for a great short shot. This brand offers a great range of interest in the game and everyone wants something different than the traditional stick.

  • Versatile for a range of different shots.
  • Available in a range of lofts.
  • Forgiving cavity back design.
  • Good for providing required spin.
  • Not the choice if you are using blade irons.
  • Not ideal if you need low bounce.

4-Pinemeadow Wedge – Best Sand Wedge For Handicappers

One of the best sand wedges for Mid-handicappers, a wide area of contact, and a large area for easy access to the ball.

The grooves are U shaped, you will see the good bounce and you will like to have it.

Low flight and spin are good and you can also personalize them according to your need.

  • Classic features to inspire confidence.
  • Offers spin and control in different lies and from a range of distances.
  • A forgiving wedge from a company committed to research and development.
  • Not ideal when looking for a low bounce from tight lies.
  • Expensive relative to the competition.
  • A little heavy.

5-XE1 Wedge – Best Sand Wedge For Juniors

This 65-degree bent wedge provides confidence and support even to the new players and is specially made for the junior and for a person who just wants to enjoy the game the sand bunkers can easily be vanished by the user.

It is not made by the top brands but if you want and a new player then you can have it.

It will not give any bad experience throughout the game. This is quite expensive and a little flexible too.

  • Sole guarantees good bounce
  • Large sweet spot because of well-spread Center of Gravity
  • Easy to align
  • Cast iron so limited response and feel.
  • Only really suitable for high handicappers who ‘’fear’’ a sand bunker.


This is one of the most important components of the game. Every player has at least one in their set to make a ball ready for play when goes to the sand. Before using it in the official game be sure about the legal rules of using it.

You can also buy it for practice and to learn new skills which can help you to ut the ball easily in the pot.

Hope you like our list and get the best for yourself, after that we would like to suggest Callaway Daddy is the best golf wedges overall because of the quality, light-weight, and excellent grip.

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