6 Best Sunday Golf Bags for Golfers – 2021 Review

The best Sunday golf bags are on the checklist of every golfer as it is suitable in many situations. In order to play the game of golf, it is not necessary that you need to carry all your clubs in a heavy annoying bag.

No matter whether you are playing an executive or par-3 course, targeting nine holes, or even just warming up. It’s quite fulfilling to have the best Sunday golf bags.

The bag has numerous advantages and the best part is that you can walk just around anywhere.

This facility is necessary as it is such an important aspect of golf. You can even skip the golf cart and go for a run to reach your destination. We are not saying to use the golf cart and just run, but not every time you need to be dependent on your cart.

It allows you to be carefree and moving. It allows you to play with the speed of a breeze and saves a lot of energy and effort.

The Benefits and Uses of a Sunday Goals Bag

You can be carefree as the bags are carefully modeled to be ultra-lightweight so that they do not bother your back and shoulders by even an inch. The concept is to help you with your game by making it easier and faster.

All the fitness fanatics will be really happy as you get to perform some exercise while walking around the course while having a chit chat with all your fellow players.

I’m sure not everyone likes the word Sunday but let’s not judge it based on the generic name since the bag has many uses. Not only do the bags help you to play a fulfilling game but they are also an optimum choice for the driving range, executive golf, or small par3 courses.

Amateur golfers who have just stepped on to the game we’ll finally find their perfect match in these bags since they do not need the full range of clubs. They would be even helpful for people who want to freshen up while they’re on the court.

What to Look Out For in a Best Sunday Golf Bags?

To get the best experience you must keep the following aspects in your mind.


I think that no one would want that the bag should be heavy but that also reflects the fact that you might have to compromise on certain features such as durability or storage space even.


Golf bags are generally meant to be small and cute. The want is debatable since some people are happier with a bag that carries 6 or 7 clubs while others look for something that can store a lot.


To keep your clubs organized you shall be satisfied by having two or three dividers.


You must not ignore this as the strap is the thing that provides you with comfort and takes care of all the practical aspects.

Pockets and storage

Since it’s already assumed that card bags right have a lot of space so you need to keep in mind that these bags are relatively small and you need to organize and settle with whatever space that you provided.

You don’t need everything with you when you are on the ground; just make sure you carry all the important things.


This is a personal choice because some people are okay without a stand but others might think that it’s non-negotiable.


When you are investing in something that helps you to store and carry make sure that you buy something that lasts. By examining the durability of materials used for manufacturing you can have a clear idea if your product will have a good shelf life.


The price is not extremely high, thus it is moderate for most people. You need to sit down and make a list of your needs and expectations and your probability of use and then make your choice.


Some people like to use the bags while traveling and why not. If you do happen to do such a thing then make sure that you buy a bag with some extra protection. A padded cover will work well and some lockable. Zips might be of great use.

Sunday Golf Bags might not be your regular go-to option but they are lifesavers for the people who have found value in them.


List of The Best Sunday Golf Bags:-

Following is a list of the most deserving golf bags the list is yes fully noted considering multiple options and some important factors.

1- Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite Sunday bag

The brand has firm feet in the market as they have worked hard to maintain the quality of their golf equipment.

Callaway has done everything right with this particular Sunday bag. The bag has stunning looks and they represent the brand’s authentic style. The manufacturers make use of a blend of nice functions packed with a compact design. The bag shines in a polished look.

Callaway-Golf-Hyper-Lite - Best Sunday Golf Bags

The compact and lightweight design is curated in such a way that it still manages to have full-length dividers and three-division tops. These are necessary to keep your clubs well maintained.

The bag has a base belly that is also waterproof and functions efficiently along with this stand which walks on a manual release. You might take a while to get used to it.

Once you are comfortable with it, you will realize that the design is practical.

You also get a strap that is not only comfortable but also dependable. The bag has three pockets with zips one of which will let you store enough of your apparel.

The folks who seek a bag that is light and complementary for their short rounds or practice will be completely satisfied with this bag.


2- CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry – Best Sunday Golf Bags

This Sunday golf bag by caddy daddy is quite valuable owing to its rich features and affordability. It’s slightly heavy inveighed but still manages to remain under 3.5 pounds going to its build material which is 1680 Denier Nylon.


Not only this provides a long shelf life but also takes care of the quality. The manufacturer provides a rain warranty that readily covers the whole bag.

To provide some additional protection to the clubs, the top is designed to be wide and full of padding. Fighting also manages to keep the noises that you make whilst you walk, pretty low.

You can easily store 9 clubs in this bag which adorns a molded base and a 5-inch rigid tube for extra strength and function

If you frequently travel, then you’ll be happy with the zippers which can be locked. Not everyone wants to carry a huge bag every time they step out of the city. The bag has a towel ring which provides additional space.

The bag is provided with a nice handle and extra which is extremely padded for optimum comfort.


3- Par 3 Golf Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag With Stand

If there is one bag that is hundred percent workable all in pitch and putt and can make their way to mashie courses, it is the par 3  Sunday golf bag. Quality is so decent that you can manage them in the executive courses as well. The bag has some elastic properties that can help to carry a lot of clubs in a single round.

All these measures will boost up your practice sessions.

Par3-Golf-Lightweight - Best Sunday Golf Bags

You also get a stand for convenience so that you do not have to bend your body more than the desired limit. The bag sorts out your stuff so that you can keep your eyes on the balls.

It has black and white inserts and the name is written on the white surface at the sides. The bag is compact with a clean finish and has some velour pockets and some good stitching. The bag can store all your golf balls and accessories. You can easily leave your wallet or even the mobile phone in the bag without any tension.

The bag stores a lot of clubs at once. The design has no straps but the handle comes to rescue when the handling is concerned. The bag has a length of 31 inches and its mass measures around 1.95 lbs.

The dimensions at the opening are 3.25 inches X 4.25 inches.   The opening is a two-way divided splitting type that bends separately to provide the space needed to welcome 627 clubs easily.

You get three pockets to store all of your essentials. A mesh pocket is located below the handle and a wheeler lined pocket stores all the valuables. To keep the bag up straight, the manufacturer has incorporated the duaflex stand system which lessons all the sagging.


4- JEF world of golf Pitch and Putt – Best Sunday Golf BagsJEF-WORLD-OF-GOLF

This bag is an optimal choice if you want a bag within a reasonable price and have the motive to own something that carries a few of their items, mainly clubs.

The maximum number of clubs that you can store is 8 but 6 clubs will also work the best because clubs tend to stick around.

The weight is extremely light and measures 2 lbs.  The design provides an opening of 4.5 inches.

The stand and the strap show their full mirth to sustain the bag for super-smooth use.


5- Orlimar PitchOrlimar-Pitch-and-Putt-Golf

This bag is extremely light in weight and comes surprisingly handy. It is quite a in shape and helps a lot during times that require urgent attention.

In the back can easily store within itself a total number of seven clubs going to the two distinct compartments that keep them separate. If the average weight of the bag does not cross 2 pounds.

You have nothing to worry about because now you can carry all your items without the worry of extra baggage. You also get an exclusive pocket that stores all your markers and other small items such as stationary.

The bag does not feel heavy and does not take a toll on your wallet. It is an extremely valuable invention. The bag will be extremely helpful for beginners who want something easy and breezy to carry along.


6- Proactive Sports 5 Sunday Bag

This bag is sure to increase the charm of your Golf collection without affecting your budget.  The price at which this bag is offered is modest so you can purchase it. Anytime without a second thought during the situation where you need something fresh and light to carry a few clubs from your equipment.


I hope you all know by now that a Sunday bag is not meant to carry everything. It is rather used when you need to have fun and need something during a friendly play. Many juniors and people who have just started playing must rejoice as this bag wills nicely Carter all their needs.

It is travel friendly and helps a lot in immediate plans. The bag is manufactured from solid polyester which is strong enough and does not give up even after a few rounds.

To add to the goodness is the soft padding in by the strap which makes it extremely comfortable to carry.   The side handle makes the carrying even more convenient.

The bag contains two pockets that have zips and a mesh pocket to store the items that might need your attention. The pockets can also cool apps to make room for more storage.  The stiffening rod shows that the bag stays in its original form and does not bend or distort. They can easily store up to 6 clubs.



All of the bags that we have discussed above have their unique set of properties and some areas of work. The bag we appreciated the most was the Callaway golf hyperfine. The bag might feel heavier to some but it’s extremely convenient overall and the price is affordable.

Every golfer should invest in a Best Sunday Golf Bags. It is very likely that you use it in many situations like the back and hold some of your valuable items.

There is no need to carry everything when you are going for a soft play. We hope we hope you in some or the other way.

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