5 Best Wedges for High Handicappers in 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Are you a high handicapper? Here we have put together the best wedges for high handicappers who have to buy this instead of doing any other fellow things.

The best way to improve your score is to perform best in the short game. We also see many times that new golf players demand a lot of wedges to fill their bags and unaware of the importance of that shaft, as a result, they ultimately make their game worst even they can do much better.

We tried our best to provide you with the best guide among the tons of data available on google. So let’s start one by one.

If you are in hurry then you can take any of the wedges otherwise you can read the review of our trusted users.

Best Wedges For High Handicappers-

Best Wedges For High Handicappers-Loft Angle
Cleveland CBX Wedge44-60 Degree
Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge52 Degree
Callaway Mack Daddy48 Degree
Cleveland RTX 452 Degree
Callaway Sure Out Wedge56 Degree

List Of Best Wedges For High Handicappers:- 

1-Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge – Editor’s Choice

clevland-golf-cbx-wedge - best wedges for high handicappers

This is in our top list as this is highly popular and used by both the professionals and new players, and also a perfect piece of the wedge for high handicapper too.

It is made with Cleveland,s dual V-sole. And creates a unique clubhead shape and the perfect choice for any player. The design and structure are very comfortable and feel so classy while using in the game, the blade shape of the wedges intimate well.

The center of mass is used very cleverly to boost your performance as well as confidence.

  • Available in a great range of lofts, from 44° to 60°.
  • Tour zip grooves for maximum spin.
  • Not available with more than 60° of the loft.
  • Not available with a graphite shaft

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2-Wilson Harmonised Golf Wedge


This wedge is designed by Wilson and the budget-friendly in our list, the shape and construction are classical and offers a great amount of money. For the beginners and high handicappers who think that maybe their game will not stay long with that then you can get this because of its superior quality in the budget section.

It allows us to easily open the face, unlike other wedges, increase loft in green areas and enhance the performance. The look is great and shaped like an old traditional wedge, its polish can easily compete with the high-end players in the market of wedges.

  • Cheaper than most wedges.
  • High polish finish and classic bladed shape.
  • Sole grind design offers great versatility.
  • Grip need to be replaced.
  • Less forgiving than wedges.

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3-Callaway Mack Daddy 4, S-Grind Wedge – Premium

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 - best wedges for high handicappers

Callaway brings a legendary wedge into the market with new technology and improvement, and a highly reactive plus premium look. The S grind design makes it suitable for high handicappers as well.

The leading edges help to shots in the straight direction. Mack daddy also provides more spin than any other wedge.

The shaft is highly configurable and comes with 16 different customizations, the groove drilled to the last end of the face. Price may be some issue sometimes but we don’t think so.

  • S-Grind technology.
  • Wider sole is ideal in the softer sander.
  • S-Grind only available in black finish.
  • Expensive for beginners.

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4-Cleveland RTX-4, V-MG – Best Wedge for Mid to High Handicappers


One other from the same brand and still popular because of its quality and high success level. This has 3 different variants, but according to us, this is the best option for any high handicapper.

The cavity is less so look like the traditional wedge. If you are confident about your gameplay with their wedge shot then this can be a great alternative.

Its design helps to move 9g of mass and is equally distributed throughout the head club. The Center of gravity is well balanced so very balanced and stable.

For those who want to hit down by wedge shots, then this has the same V shape as CBX this helps to provide mode edge bunch when impact.

  • V-shape sole grind
  • Features Cleveland’s Rotex face grooves for maximum spin.
  • Centre of gravity close to the impact zone.
  • Lighter weight than older Cleveland wedges.
  • Not as forgiving as the CBX wedge by Cleveland.

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5- Callaway Sure Out Wedge – Best Wedges For High Handicappers


This brand is so spectacular so without hesitation we put it on our list, we already hear a lot of positive reviews about this, and the best option for the high handicapper and new players who still struggling in-game.

The wider sole helps for the great contact and well-shaped. The material helps to balance and getting out the ball from bunkers easily. The design is very compatible with handicappers and gives a lot of confidence to them.

We highly suggest this for those also who face problem to get the ball out of sand or bunkers. Sometimes you can also use this in the place of sand wedge also

  • Wide sole offers forgiveness and bounce.
  • Rounded sole helps prevent chunked shots.
  • Available in a ranges.
  • A large cavity back may lack finesse.
  • Grooves not as reactive.

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What golf wedges should a beginner carry? 

It’s a problem with a tee or problem with approach shots, if you are a high handicapper you need to ask before buying. So it is very important to get the best wedges for yourself.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing but there are a few of them you need to know like bounce and loft. This includes how the wedge reacts to the different balls and clubs, how much sin it will provide, the alignment process, and finally the range of the ball you will get during the game.

So here we point some of the important points so that it will help you to but and put it in your bag.

Types of golf wedge

When you go to buy wedges for the game then generally you have 2 options Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge. The overall look is quite similar but deep down you will find a major difference between the lofted club faces.

Firstly the pitching wedges ha angle between 44-48 degrees and generally used for the shorter flight range and specially used in the green grass.

On the other hand, the sand wedges have an angle between 54-58 degrees of loft and mostly used for putting out the ball from the sand and from high sand bunkers too. If you carry only this then in a few cases you can ut out the ball out even from the green area.

Sand wedges are one from that set of three and other names as ‘’gap’’ and ‘’lob’’ wedges and everyone has a different loft. By taking these 2 it may be overloading and unwanted things you need to carry with yourself.

Like you use your pitching wedges for small shots near about 100 yards in the green areas and similarly, the other 2 have their special features as well.

The range of this wedge is sometimes more than 50 degrees while the other has 54 degrees. You can use it for the high altitude life but allow only by the handicap golfers.

On the other hand “gap” fills in the loft between sand wedges and pitching. It uses for the sand doom but also uses for shots of range 75 yards.

Finally, “lob” has 60 degrees of angle and is mostly used with an open face to get away from and situation and known for only lift, no roll on the ground.

There may be a few times when you need extra wedges when you playing inland areas and when having lob wedges then you don’t need to carry some other loft by playing around with your grip.

Importance of loft and bounce

The more lofted your face, the more height you will get on your shots. And higher the height more variable your travel distance be. So this is very important to have a good wedge in your bag. Normally according to the rule of thumb, every 4° of loft will account for around ten to fifteen yards of distance.

For the best wedges for high handicappers, you need to easily control the distance by using the speed of your swing, skills, and of course, the degree of angle also matters. In the modern game, many of the wedges come with 44 degrees of bend but if we compare to the more wedges then it will be around 56 degrees.

So having those wedges can help you to enhance your game. This also decides the range even in the green area. If don’t want to get a lob wedges then playing such types of the shot is more difficult if you don’t have that.

If you want then you can get all 3 sets so you can get rid out of any situation. It also makes it easy to control the bounce of the ball, improve your play, and make your game like a professional.

Bounce is the angle between the edge and sole of the club and this is the reason why wedge never lies totally on the floor. Whatever wedge you have with low or high bounce it only depends upon your swing and the types of shot you used to play in-game around greens.

More bounce and angle of sole will help to gid the sand too sharply or what we call that dragging. If you have the ability to hit your wedges perfectly then you’ll probably want a wedge with a high bounce.

Forgiving Wedges

If you are a high handicapper, so wedges should be easy to use, or forgiving which we just like to say is comfortable. While choosing other suggestion of loft and bounce try your own and choose what fit you perfectly.

We always suggest having a forgiving wedge for a high handicapper. In this sense manufacturers also make some of the best combinations of bounce and lift with their wedges which they also suggested for the high-handicapper.

The traditional design and sharp blade design, instead of other options for wedges that have some cavity design and slightly thicker design too. This is guide is especially for the high handicapper so chooseth best for your need and you even do not need to do and high research before buying anyone from our list.

Conclusion – Best Wedges For High Handicappers

In the last, we suggest to buy according to your preference and need no need to get any other option. In our list, we put the best wedges for high handicappers in 2021, and we guarantee to help you in the best way.

The Cleveland CBX is our best choice because of its use and availability in a range of different lofts and bounce. And also keep in mind to get only the shaft which you need.

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