Top 5 Best Golf Simulator Projector – 2021 Review

Some people are crazy about golf simulator projector and are always ready to put on their golfing shoes. But their surroundings often makes it difficult for them to really go by it. Sometimes the ground doesn’t behave while mostly the climate makes it quite impossible to play.

The situation seems sad but actually, it isn’t because nowadays the market has a wide variety of projectors. One can incorporate it in their daily practice or at home. This simulation can be used anywhere in every adverse circumstance. Down below is a list of facts that will greatly help in our pursuit of the search for the best golf simulators.

Golf Simulator Projector – The Basics

The golf simulator is basically a device that provides you with a VR facsimile instead of real surroundings. They are solely technology-based so you need to keep account of all the important measurements. Not only do they help you to improve your game.

They also provide you with information about your swing analysis, ball flight, and even the spin. How easy is it to focus on your skills with the help of the derived analysis? When you have your stimulator with you, all you need is something to watch the game on and projectors help you with just that.

What is the different type of Golf Simulator Projector?

Digital light processing

Understanding its function is not everyone’s cup of tea. Texas instruments have come up with a unique idea upon which the projector operates. There is a lamp that transports light across a tiny spinning color wheel which then bounces off a digital micromirror device shape.

Tilting mirrors on the lens take in the reflected light which is then focused on the screen. The glitch lies in the fact that you need to spend more to enjoy the benefits.

Liquid crystal display

You might probably have an idea about how the LCD works using transmissive technology. They are incredible because they perform wonderfully and yet don’t hurt your pockets.

They produce some powerful and crystal clear colors. The operation goes as follows: some colors can cross the trio of liquid crystal display light panels while others different from doing so the cycle results in an image that we can obtain on the screen. Their only downside is that they are big and bulky and sometimes heat a lot.


Liquid crystal on Silicon

They are made by coupling DLP and LCD technology. This is also a reason why they are expensive.

Choosing the project is a personal choice and most of the time based on the area of interest and also, the budget makes or breaks the deal. You need to check a few points on a list to make the correct choice.

I hope you know that the brightness of a picture on the screen is counted in lumens. The area marked between projector to screen width is included in the ratio. Resolution is highly important.

Phones are the biggest examples of it and the same concept is repeated in these projectors since the resolution is measured in the term of pixels. A few of the leading brands that manufacture the best projectors are the golf simulators, Optoma and BenQ.

We have some other incredible projectors by ViewSonic and LG too. Now that we are done with getting to know about the general concepts of simulators, we’re going to read about the best products in the market.

List of The Golf Simulator Projector For games:-

1- Optoma HD27 Home Theater Projector (3200 Lumens, 1080p)

This is one home projector that you can set to function and then have a good time playing golf with optimum golf simulation.

This projector takes up a very small space just 11.73×3.7×9 inches so that you can have a  lot of space to place other essential items for the game such as a simulator, screen, and clubs.

Manufactured with 6 varieties of picture modes namely bright, cinema, game, reference from a user, and vivid. You also get or preinstalled colors with temperature ranges from cold, school, standard, and warm.

optoma hd27

The screen depicts a brightness level that measures up to 3200 lumens and the resolution offered by the same is 1920× 1080 p in full HD.

25,000:1 is the limit of the contrast. All this works well, resulting in a highly clear and attractive picture production so that stimulation brings life to your game. You will never be able to lose the track of shadows and texture and will also feel close to your natural surroundings.

If you can maintain the required operating conditions every time then you will experience loads of benefits.

It’s mentioned that the projector works appropriately from 5 to 40 degrees Celsius and humidity levels up to 85% provide the optimum results. A 3000-meter altitude level ensures smooth running.

Their device can provide you with 8000 hours of lamp life. You can enjoy great benefits from the investment.

The parts and labor come with a guarantee of one year while the lamp is at the warranty of three months. There is a lot you will adore and appreciate about the equipment.


 2- BenQ HT2150ST 1080P – Golf Simulator Projector

The manufacturer provides three options and we are going to talk about one of the three versions here. This type is a short-throw model that targets color accuracy so that you can feel the elevated surroundings to the fullest.

The manufacturer provides you with 100 inches of display within 1.5 meters ahead of you which is highly beneficial if you are seeking installation in the limited space that you have.

benq ht2450st - golf simulator projector

DLP image quality is provided which focuses to avoid any sort of image decay and rather provides some fantastic picture delivery.

Now we’re going to talk about the figures which are quite positive. You get a brightness of 2200 lumens which can be furthered maximized by the use of 15,000:1 contrast.

The setup works well most of the time but sometimes you may feel that the other variables in this range perform better.

The resolution that you get is the usual 1920× 1080 p. The manufacturer has also included a pair of HDMI inputs and a 10 Watt speaker. Provides 29 decibels sound output to ensure a crisp audio delivery and a fantastic sound experience.

It weighs 8 pounds and has dimensions of 4.8*15*10.9 inches so now you have an extremely handy device along with a remote as an added benefit.

The projector obviously helps to boost the game and all the gamers are already accustomed to the fact. Sometimes these things have a little lag but overall they do not mess up your performance and experience. The colorful display rather makes you live the game and we can assure you you will not regret buying this.


3- ViewSonic 4K Projector (3500 Lumens, 3840 x 2160p)

This is for the people who are ready to spend a lot and want to purchase the accessories that make the top standards. You Sonic delivers a beautiful 4K projector by PX747-4K.

3820* 2160 resolution lets you have the joy of resonating with every blade of grass in your fairway and even each grain of sand that is present in your bunker.

view sonic

This high resolution can be easily projected on the screen without any distortion. Their center would easily compliment the ambiance of your well-furnished house.

To provide you with a clear picture, the manufacturer has provided 3500 lumens of brightness. The brightness level remains constant and you would find the difference in lightning when you place the projector at different places.

To add to the benefits is the warranty which is a class apart and rightly. Because the parts and the labor are backed by a three-year guarantee and even the lamp has one year’s worth of warranty.

Enthusiastic users can easily get 15,000 hours of use from this beating other contenders in the same category.

The 1.2 wide optical zoom lens provides you with a lot of latitudes by mounting. All the accessories are included in the set and the remote comes in a bundle so you can easily get hold of the things from the box.


4- Optoma EH200ST Full 3D – Best Golf Simulator Projector

Not much to our surprise, we have another product from Optima. We are happy to announce that this shot throw model will meet your requirements to the fullest. If you are a person who wants a set but has limited space available at your side but wants to enjoy the game of golf peacefully at home.

The price is based on the merit that you will be provided with. Hence you get a 100-inch display with a distance of 3.5 feet from your projector to the screen.


The lens is ready to provide you with 1080 pixel resolution so that you can easily visualize the ball and the course on the screen and get off playing the game with your full swing.

The brightness is all-time high and is 3000, but lumens and the contrast is 20,000: 1 so that there is no clumsiness in the picture quality.

The connection is strong and solid, something which is always promised by Optoma. You will also be provided with a pair of HDMI ports and various other outputs that you may require.

You will be on board with 10 Watt audio which brings an edge to your game.

The set works on DLP technology that helps you with a quick response. Also, the refresh rates are fast and do not lag. The manufacturer has used Texas Instrument’s brilliant color technology. You may cherish your time for longer and feel lively as you play.

It is a one time offer and the money will not hurt you. What is interesting is the fact that it just used 0.5 Watts of power in its standby mode and provides a long shelf life. If you have the best simulator, you can enjoy your favorite game even when the weather ditches you.


5- BenQ MW632ST WXGA Short Throw Projector (3200 Lumens, 1080p)

Last but not least our list is high-quality BENQ. You’ll be provided with a WXGA resolution of 2080×800. You’ll feel the team in the picture quality which is offered by SVGA.

Benq mw632st

The design is yet again a short-throw design which obviously means that you’ll be able to use the projector within the limited grounds that you have. Gold stimulators are high in demand in situations that have a large space.

You can easily install the stimulator to enjoy its benefits and practice sincerely. No rain can stop you from accomplishing the goals that you were meant to achieve.

The projector lamp will keep you in good company for roughly 10 years by its 10,000 projected lamp life.

Now that we have the list of the best projector for goal stimulation in hand. We’ve easily come to a conclusion of two which product to invest in according to needs and budget.

To help you out even further here is a list of five of the most frequently asked questions so that you can never go wrong.

FAQ – Golf Simulator Projector

What is the screen made of?

A heavy-duty woven polyester it’s carefully modeled as a golf impact screen. It can easily bear the power of 250 MPH without any failure. To ensure more length silicone is used. The design is quite solid because these good quality screens can withstand a few thousand hits before you get to see the beginning of wear and tear.

What is the best golf simulator for a home?

The choice is personal and everyone has different requirements.

The concept of ‘each to his own’ applies here because everyone is satisfied by different comfort levels. The manufacturer opted short is known to provide a huge variety of options to select from. If you want to save a few bucks then you need to look out for rhapsody R motion.

How high should the ceiling be bought as a glove simulator?

And the general requirements are 10 x15x10 feet but it is highly unlikely that most spaces will have the provision. Since basements are the obvious location for many golfers they need a ceiling image that fits in.  A standard height of 8.5 feet is considered as a benchmark.

How much space do you need for an indoor golf simulator?

Generally, people place their stimulators in their garage which is often bigger than 10 Feet and can last up to 15 feet in length.

Do golf simulators improve your game?

We don’t need to justify this because our article is obviously a result of all the doubts customers have in mind. Also, it includes a list of the best simulators that you can use in 2021. Since it’s not always practical to travel for the golf course it’s easier to have something worthwhile.

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