How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball?

Isn’t it impressive when we watch a golfer on the driving field hitting a shot from behind a pin and then backing up several feet? For us people, it surely is. So, if you also want to learn to hit shots like them, you can go through our article; maybe it’ll help you in many ways.

After researching Backspin on golf shots for years, we have accumulated information and can improve their short and long games. Now we are sharing all of them in this guide which can become helpful and informative for you all.

The mentioned article is the best information about how to put Backspin on the golf ball available today.

Before proceeding with the ways to put a backspin, let us tell you what a backspin is and why it holds this much importance.

What Is Backspin And Why Does It Matter? 

Not sure about everyone out there, but most of you must have noticed that the golf ball has shallow depressions, or we can call them dimples on it. This dimple is present on the golf ball to make it easy for the players to hold the ball in the air. They are helpful in many ways like they can create lift and create spin when it comes in contact with the grooves of the golf club.

how to put backspin on golf-ball
How to put a backspin on a golf ball

The backward rotation of the golf ball in the air is called the Backspin. Some players often think Backspin would cause the ball to travel a shorter distance, although it’s not true. Instead, golf balls with higher Backspin tend to cover more distance and fly further.

Well, not all golf shots may have a backspin. Only a good hit to the ball can create backspin, and the ball has to produce a backspin for this to happen.

Many players don’t possess a great swing speed resulting in lower spin rates, but some do have the capacity to create a backspin in their short game.

The most important part is knowing and understanding how to create a backspin while preparing for a battle.

Factors affecting Backspin 

All of you going through our article are here to know how to do a backspin, but before that, you need to consider some of the facts first.


A club with a higher loft gives you much ease to Put Backspin on your ball.

With a higher loft, it is given that the ball is going to fly high, which is essentially the primary requirement for any ball to get the Backspin. Also, it is easier to hit the golf ball with a loft, which means that players are much more able to create a backspin with a loft.


The saying goes, the faster, the better, so you will get a quicker rate to put on the golf ball with a great swing speed.

If you talk about the spin rate, it has proved to be one of the biggest indicators of the total distance. So, you all must do everything you can while practicing to enhance your swing speeds.

Angle Of Attack

If you want your golf ball to follow the face of your club correctly, you need to make sure that your angle of attack is accurate.

If somehow you are unable to maintain a correct angle of attack, you will face problems in spinning your golf ball. Also, your ball can travel in the wrong direction with an improper angle because of doing a side spin instead of a Backspin.


With clean grooves, you can easily hit a backspin, so remember, if you have any dirt or grass on them, clean them out as soon as possible.

We don’t recommend you even imagine what condition your golf ball can be in if you don’t clean the clubs routinely.

And the main point is that it can and has happened more than you can even think.


A great contact between the golf ball and the clubface fast can create a backspin following a proper angle. In the absence of a great lie, it is certainly possible that your Backspin will not have the needed efficiency.

Sometimes grass can be caught between the face and the ball while hitting out of the rough, negatively impacting the backspin production.

Therefore, you can see that players get disappointed after witnessing that they have missed the fairway because it is quite harder to stop when it gets to the green. 

4 Steps To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

Every golfer’s backspin ball looks reluctantly different from others.

But, there are some basic steps that every golfer follows while spinning the ball back. You can follow these steps to change your ball’s direction while swinging and create a backspin easily.

Step 1: Choose Club Wisely

Practicing Backspin on a golf ball with your four-iron club isn’t a good idea. Instead, a wedge or eight iron will go smoothly for you when you start practicing, as they offer more forgiveness. Being easier to stop and spin the ball are the additional benefits of these clubs.

You have to give yourself a feel of how it feels to hit and create Backspin on the golf ball before you proceed to the longer clubs because Backspin is considered the most important part of a short game.

Step 2: Make Sure The Lie Is Correct

We have already spoken about a good lie is essential to hit a shot with a backspin. So, if you fail to master a great lie, your Backspin will not be something great either.

However, you can try another method that allows the ball to go forward without spinning backward; it is compatible with players having a bad lie. So, always choose your club accordingly by analyzing all of your lies.

Step 3: Accelerate

The Speed of your swing possesses a great talent to change and impact your overall game. Players choose different kinds of speed as they proceed with their shot; some decide to decelerate while swinging through the shot. Several reasons are responsible for this; it can occur due to the players trying to control their shots or getting worried about where the ball may end up.

It is a noted point that you must accelerate your swing speed if you want to get a backspin on the golf ball. After you have successfully transitioned from backswing to the downswing, you are supposed to give your all to the ball while hitting the shot.

Because if you hesitate at this point and hold yourself back, it’s going to be your weak shot without any backspin on it.

Step 4: Down And Through 

Now for the fourth step, Down and Through, we think this is the most helpful for the players who are willing and practicing to put Backspin on a golf ball.

You will get an exponentially easier time putting Backspin on a golf ball if you hit down and through your golf shot.

You can never put a backspin on the golf ball by lifting it off the ground or by up swinging it anyhow.

Tips For How To Put Backspin On Golf Ball 

Furthermore, we are providing you with some of the basic and common tips from professionals, which will greatly help you put Backspin on your golf ball.

Golf Balls

You can go with a four or three-piece golf ball instead of those two-piece balls as they offer Backspin more comparatively.

There is also additional information, or you can say a tip that your ball will roll backward for sure with the use of a high-performance ball. But, a good product doesn’t come cheap, so you might need to spend a few extra dollars, but it’s going to be worth it as it will give you immense performance benefits.

Start With The Lob Wedge

When you have learned how to hit the ball and get Backspin with a lob wedge, it’s time to practice and move ahead to other clubs.

These lob wedges have been designed for a spin only, and they surely provide a high backspin rate. You can practice with this club on the green till you master all its shots, then go and explore the other clubs.

Clean Your Clubs

By using a clean and smooth club for hitting a shot, your performance is going to be skyrocketed. Clean clubs are the easiest way to get more Backspin on the ball.

The answers will surprise you all, that how much difference can be created with clean grooves on the club because clean tracks provide better contact with the ball. Although most things are unpredictable and uncontrollable in golf, this is something so trivial; why ignore it.

Backspin Drills

The best thing about drills is, that the more you practice them, the easier they become. Make sure that you have your new golf skill with you whenever you go to the golf course.

Some of the drills are quite useful when you are learning how to Put Backspin on a golf ball.

Front Foot Drill

When the players learn to put all of their weight on the back of their foot, they struggle to get the ball to spin backward. Because as the weight has been put off on the back foot, your shot will surely make your ball lift in the air rather than the down and through the shot.

However, when doing the front foot drill, all or most of your weight shifts to the left foot, staying there until you hit some chip shots.

You can also remember that if you don’t put lots of weight on your right foot, your Backspin will come just perfect. Players often use this drill to turn it into a way of starting to chop their shots shorter which specifically needs to spin backward.


After going through our entire article, we hope that now you know how to put and how it feels to put a backspin on a golf ball. Now all you have to do is pick up your wedge and head out to the chipping green to get some work done.

This Backspin seldom becomes essential when you want to hit the shots around the green. With the increase in the distance between you and the hole, you must have the ability to stop the ball on a dime, with proper spin rate and ease to handle the shot.

Professional players have some of the few shots rolled up their sleeves, including Ball spin, high spin rate, and Backspin as part of their golf game.

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