Inside Out Golf Swing – How To Hit The Ball From The Inside

After conducting our research for a few years, we have found that most golf players want to hit an inside-out golf swing, but only a few get the concept and can execute it.

You can assume that maybe this is because of their negligence about the concept of inside-out swing. Because if you want to hit this shot, the first thing you need to do is understand the idea and then know how to implement it correctly.

So, here in our article, we provide you with all the basic information needed to know about an inside-out golf swing.

What Is An Inside Out Golf Swing?

Before you can proceed further, you should at least know what an inside-out golf swing is. Here is the answer to this simple yet important question. We describe a path through which, after the impact position our golf club is on that is called an inside-out golf swing. You must have seen that whenever a golf player has swung from the inside out, they have attained a position that helps them gain more control over the golf ball.

We consider an imaginary path as a straight path that goes straight through the golf ball and to the target and extends for a length past the ball.

So, if you hit the swing from inside out, your ball will be a little inside of this straight line.

You can understand it as when you swing the ball with a golf club; your club will be a bit extended towards outside the line before it is wrapped around to complete the follow-through.

The Inside-out golf swing is believed to be the smoothest transition position ever and lasts for a very short time. You will not notice even if your club is on a very unique or different club path.

We have witnessed players often saying that they felt as if the club dropped in their slot easily. Because whenever a player swings from the inside and extends the club out, the shot becomes very easy to hit.

So, if you can repeat this inside-out swing continuously, you will have more advantages than the others in your future games.


Why Swing Inside Out?

Now, the question arises next why it should be swung out from inside. So, when you swing the club from inside out, several good things tend to happen. Here are some of the most important ones among those.

swing inside out

More Distance

There is better contact between the golf ball and the club when you swing from inside out. And because of this better contact, your ball will follow a straight path and will end up covering a bit more distance than usual.

The difference in the distance covered is quite evident by the players when using an inside-out swing compared to a club coming from the outside or even straight down the line.


A noticeable connection can be seen between your body and the club while swinging the club from the inside out.

Because in this position, your right arm and elbow are tucked in so that the club will not move out away from the body. As your elbow is tucked in and in better contact with the larger muscles, your swing will be consistent throughout.

In contrast, if the smaller muscles get involved while swinging, they will cause a mishap, and the swing will be hard to have an even consistency. This happens mainly when the club gets out and away from the body. Also, with their involvement, the repetition of a great swing becomes harder to achieve too.

It becomes evident only when they get far away from the body and follow a different swing path, making some slices and fades.

Control Of The Ball

When we talk about the lower handicap players, they usually want to hit a draw, a fade, a slice, and whatnot.

But, the basic premise of hitting all these shots is they need to have a command. So it can be difficult for those players who are not using the inside-out swing.

inside out swing path

You will have great control over the clubface and what it is doing at impact while swinging the club from the inside. So, a little manipulation with the clubface is all you need to do to hit the shots that go left to right or right to left according to your demand.

Now let us tell you a basic fact with a consistent path and the ability to change the face slightly of the club, you are going to control and hit all types of golf shots easily.

How To Hit The Ball Inside Out?

After knowing all these great things about the inside swing, you must be thinking about how you can start swinging like this.

Before that, a few parts of the golf swing need to be in place and functioning properly before you can accomplish the inside-out swing.


When you start your swing with a good takeaway, swinging your club on the inside path will be much easier for you. You have to keep the club low to the ground while slowly taking the club back.

Make a shoulder turn, and remember that you need to rotate your body. Your club will slowly be positioned accurately as the club starts to move slightly towards the upside.


It depends on your golf swing type and what work needs to be done at the top. Players taking back their club more shallowly have to drop the club into the slot.

You might experience the feeling of dropping your right elbow into your side. This position is only for attacking the ball.

It is considered the best position from where you can swing the club out and down the target line. A little more extension is allowed for your arms in this position, which helps in increasing the distance a player can get with their swing.


After you have dropped your club into that spot, there would be no problems completing your downswing and sending the club out towards the target line.

When your shot starts to move slightly to the target’s right and drawback in, you will know that your club is in the right place. You can say that a draw is the traditional ball flight of a player with an inside-out golf swing.

Drills For Inside Out Golf Swing

Up to this point, you must have known and understood what it takes to hit a ball with a golf swing that comes from the inside. Let us remind you again that it will be more of a feel than any dramatic movement of your club.

But, with only practice, you will be able to understand what the impact position will look like.

Fortunately, there are a decent amount of drills to ensure that you get the feel and concept. We have mentioned some of them to you.

Headcover Drill

A headcover with nothing hard or metal on it is needed to complete a headcover drill. It would help if you were sure that you have a headcover with a substantial size and soft up to a level. It has been noted that people have done this drill with a water bottle too. However, we recommend you use a headcover.

For this drill, you need to place the headcover outside of the golf ball. When you look down on the ball, your headcover has to be on the right side of the ball (before impact).

This is not only going to help you with visualization but also with your swing training. Proceeding with the shot, you need to hit just the ball and avoid the headcover. As you hit the headcover or have any contact with it, it’s a sign that your club has come from the outside instead of the inside.

If you want to get this feeling, you need to invest ample time practicing it. As per various players, the best part about this particular drill is that it gives you a great visual outlook and helps you feel the move.

Towel Drill

A small golf towel is needed for this drill. It would help if you placed the towel under your right arm. As you set up to hit the ball, your towel should be up in the armpit of your right arm. The important factor is that the towel should stay in place regardless of your shot, whether it’s a backswing or downswing.

This towel drill is performed to make your body habitual of staying in contact while making the shots, as most of the players drop the towel when they are about to make the transition at the top of their backswing.

When you drop the towel while hitting a shot, it is possible that maybe your shot goes to the right, or perhaps it’s going to have a severe pull to the left.

And both of these misses are strongly avoided by all the players.


Visualize The Target Line

The most important part of a golf game is visualizing the target line. Apart from being important, it is the most powerful asset that any player should possess. Otherwise, if you lack this and don’t know about its concept, your game is never going to be in your court.

You can visualize the target line when you are at the top of your swing. This is a very strong visual aid for you people.

You can think about throwing the club slightly right of the target as well as allowing your arms to extend properly when swinging from inside out. As you have seen, sometimes, the players only want to hit the ball instead of thinking about what will happen to the ball after hitting it.

So, when we say that you should focus on swinging slightly right of the target and then allowing your hands to come up and over your left shoulder (for the right-handed player) is a very solid thought to have during your swing.

Extension Drill

Here comes our last, but not the least, drill, which is an extension drill. It is the simplest drill among all the above exercises. In this drill, all you need to do is make some slow swings by using your right arm only.

The reason behind doing this, it makes you and your club feel and get a more connected backswing, close on the downswing, and then throw it out towards the target as part of the impact and follow-through.

You can also understand it as when there is no involvement of the other arm, you will focus more and will eventually start to know where the path of your club is and where your ball should be on. It can be done with or without involving the ball in practice, and we surely recommend you practice without a ball.


We hope that our article was able to help you and provide you with all the essential information about what an inside-out golf swing is. You will take a little bit of time mastering the inside-out swing, but you will surely become a pro with time.

But, once you are clear with the concept of inside-out swing, you will be able to manage and lead a consistent game, with a piece of better knowledge and experience of why it is so important in a golf game.

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