Top 5 Best Golf Towels That Help In Your Game

Are you looking for the Best Golf Towels?

Playing golf outdoors brings you closer to nature and its constituents. When you hit a shot, the clubhead passes through the turf almost every time. As a result, it is eventful that the clubface will be covered with dirt. It is often seen that the dirt disturbs the path of the ball trajectory and you may fail at the shot.

The situation is not that serious because of the best golf towels which make sure that the dirt particles are gently cleaned off the grooves. Regular cleaning with its towel makes the clubface not only clean and dry but also polished.

It is now understood that the golf towels increase the shelf life of the clubs and clears the friction between the ball and the clubface for hitting the optimum shot.

Dry hands also work in the favor of a good shot since it provides a solid grip on the surface. Towels that absorbs the moisture which  generally is a consequence of a rainy day or intense heat

List of The Best Golf Towel In 2021:-

1- Team Golf NCAA Embroidered

Many people are big fans of a particular team, mainly in the NCAAs. To showcase their love and respect they have grabbed the opportunity to customize the towel to the fullest.

Team-Golf-NCAA best golf towels


Material much to the opposite, the NCAA double towels are made up of 100% cotton and have a scrubber design that helps to deeply clean the golf balls and the club heads.


When you open this tri-folded towel, it measures about 16 * 22 inches.


All colors are correlated to the 32 teams that are playing in the NCAA.

Attaching the golf towel to your bag

Firstly, the attachment clip can rotate easily as per your needs and you Can tuck your bag on the cart without any effort. Secondly, the durability of the clip is subjected to the material used. Therefore make sure that you do not go for plastic.

The towel fills the box of being the perfect companion of the 32 NCAA teams since it lets you manually decide style according to your favorite team. Not only is it a symbol of respect for your favorite team but, it is also a solid piece of cleaning tool.


2- Callaway Golf Uptown Golf Towel

Callaway equipment has been in business for quite a time now and has always world selflessly to provide with the best of function and accessories. Since golf towels fit into essentials, the manufacturers have decided to provide the best for their customers.



Golf towels made by the manufacturers have some rich and premium microfiber material that has a high resistance to breaking and cleans everything nicely.

The fiber is antimicrobial and successfully fights odors. The lightweight material is so soft and bendable that it squeezes easily into the pits of the club grooves and removes all the dirt and reduces the foul odor that can be felt with the accumulation of dirt.


The golf towel measures 21 × 16 inches in diameter.


Color Company provides a selection of 5 colors.

  • Black
  • Pink
  • White
  • Blue
  • Grey

The logo is known to be available in 3 exclusive colors.

  • White
  • Pink
  • Black

Attaching the golf towel to your bag

The golf towel holds attachment to your bag with the help of a carabiner clip.

The clip gets the hold of your bag easily into the cart but unfortunately, it is subjected to the quality of the material that is used by the manufacturer which is generally not the most durable and tends to break easily.


In conclusion, Callaway has always maintained a standard in its products and the towels are most likely to serve you well.

They easily help you to maintain the surface clean and render of any moisture.


3- Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel

It is an avid variety of golf towels. They generally come in a pack of 3 pieces which come in handy in various situations. You cannot only clean clubs but also golf balls and other body parts.



Generally, they are woven in soft microfiber and are built in such a way that they imbibe a lot of liquid and the material also shows some antimicrobial qualities which help in reducing down the smell.


The size is generally 16 * 16 inches and yes one might easily observe that the towels are not too large. They seem tiny and might not be sufficiently well used for 18 holes. Except for that, they clean well.


The towel boasts 12 versatile colors with double-barrel descriptions.

  • Awareness pink
  • Classic Navy
  • Cardinal red
  • Caribbean blue
  • Desert sand
  • And many more.

Attaching golf towel to your bag

They showcase a plastic carabineer chip. As a result, you will observe that the towel attaches almost perfectly.


Although the brand is not a general commercial brand, it is our observation that the green golf towels work perfectly and also come at a reasonable price.


4- Clothlete 3 Pack Greenside Microfiber


The name tells us that this towel has a microfiber design which is known to be the material that dries out the most quickly irrespective of water quantity.



The standard length provided by the manufacturer is 24 inches but the sizes are available as well.


Microfiber is crafted in a weave-like material whose power of absorption is calculated greater than 400%. With that capacity, the towel dries within a few minutes and you can use the same piece after short intervals.


Moreover, the towels are available in 3 different colors and are sold as a pack. You can use a different color towel for different purposes.

Attachment to your bag

You get to choose between 2 styles of attachment. Snap attachment is known to allow the attachment of just about anything and you can even snap the travel to your bag, inside your bag, or over your basket, whereas the magnetic attachment lets you attach anything on the metal surface.


This is one of the most interesting towel sets and the qualities are admirable. It is also applaudable that we can buy this little accessory for just a nominal price.


5- Spotless Wing Multi-Mse Towel

The towel is known for its Supreme absorbent properties which hold power since it is constructed from different materials.

This one is on the lips of many people and we have seen people from the PGA and champion league often speak about it.


The Material

The outside of the towel is made up of material that helps you clean your hands and the golf ball. The material used inside removes the clouds of dust off the golf club heads.

It is advisable to machine wash the towel since it grabs the dirt on its inside surface.


The towel is 1.5 foot in length and 8 inches at the end of the breath. The inner part tends to give a round appearance to the towel.


5 color combinations spice up your experience.


The carabineer chip takes care of the attachment.


Optimum cleanness inks are easily achieved and multiple parts can be used for different purposes.


Best Golf Towels – Buyer’s Guide:-

There are a variety of towels currently on the market. They come in a variety of characteristics such as materials made up of specific constituents, different shapes, colors, and functions. A lot of this can be overwhelming.

But need not worry because we shall make you understand the key aspects that you should give a nice thought to, and should consider finding your perfect match. People might think that what’s in a towel but what they don’t realize is that it directly impacts your game significantly.

The benefits of a Golf Towel

There are some reasons why you must seriously consider buying a good quality towel for your bag.

Perfect for cleaning equipment

  • Cleaning golf balls
  • Cleaning golf clubs

Personal usage

  • Drawing of hands
  • Drying your face and body
  • Protection from the sun on sunny days.

If you go for cheap towels you will be prone to having some remnants mainly some fluff on your club surface. There is a potential risk too to ruin a shot.

Selecting your golf towel

Since there are innumerable options in the market so you need to make a list of what you desire and what will be fruitful for your equipment. Here’s a little guidance to let you have a basic understanding of how to go about it.


These are the commonly used material for golf towels

  • Microfiber golf towel
  • Cotton golf towel
  • Combination of polyester and nylon golf towel

It is seen that microfiber is confident in providing optimum cleaning and collects dirt very nicely. There are no residues in the form of strands or any material left behind the surface or even on your hand. Not only it does the job well but it is extremely light and handy when used.

Chemistry tells us that microfiber has a high rate of water absorption and a drying capacity that’s making them an ideal product that will serve you well on the golf course.

Taking care of them isn’t an issue either since all you need to do is machine washing them.


Size plays a key role when you decide the product you will place your bets not. Having decided that, make sure that the towel is large enough to clean your equipment and also compact enough to get managed easily.

The surface area should be such that the great clean from previous love touches the club that you are cleaning next.

The size, although expected to be modest, should not be extra large to cover up all the space on your storage bag. It should be able to be confined in the pockets.


When a towel which is generally used in our regular life is incorporated to store water, it readily absorbs a good number of it. If you decide to carry your normal towel into the golf course, be ready to deal with an enormous amount of burden on the court.

If you do not want to do that then you must look specifically for a golf towel since it holds a large amount of moisture without adding weight.

Factors that measure the absorbance rate of the gold towel

  • Per square foot fiber
  • Absorbency percentage as compared to the towel weight

You can easily determine the reservation power of the towel by calculating the percentage. A high percentage is directly proportional to the absorbency power.


Color is, however, a personal choice but there are some things that you should check before you choose a color that favors you. Generally speaking, light colors are more appealing in terms of looks and look cute while hanging from the side of your bag.

However you should know that this comes secondary, the major factor is the ability to clean and minimize the load. I would like you to tell me some advantages of dark towels as well.

Dark towers do not let the dirt be seen easily.

Cooling towel

Breathable fabric is generally used as a material to manufacture a cooling towel that works on a hyper evaporative process. What happens is that first the towel is stored in some chilled water so that it carries some cooling effect for up to one hour. This comes as a relief in all those summer months when you know the sun is shining its brightest. Being cool and calm elevate your performance so choose accordingly.

Customize golf towel

Sometimes customization according to personal interest sets you apart. These days’ people are into having their names or initials carved on their towels to get a special feel. So are you also that kind of person who loves to do that?

Cleaning of towels

For the towel to be able to clean the gear, it should be clean itself. Generally, all you need to do is to wash it in the washing machine rather than by hand. In case your towel is colored make sure to wash it separately.

Attaching the towel to your bag goes like this.

The towel is first dipped inside the water and then slowly you start cleaning your first club from its hole. Water is absorbed in the cleaning process. Make sure to not place your towel into the pockets of the bag when it is not dried out.

To combat these setbacks, manufacturers these days have included a swivel to the towel for easy use and easy storage. Keep a note that plastic hooks attached to some towels break easily therefore you should go for a metal hook.



Finally, we come to the end of the Best golf towels and hope it will help you a lot in your game. So first you understand your need and then choose the exact pair which you want.

The quality and fabric material is also important as the harsh one can penetrate your face skin in some condition. If you still have confusion then free feel to contact us.

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